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I just had a thought that I forgot to add over email: we may measure the same at the waist, but my butt and thighs might be bigger than yours (I run a lot) which would affect the fit. Looking at your photos, you could probably do with sizing down two sizes.
Allow myself to quote...myself:
Awesome! I'll be in touch regarding the jeans shortly. Thanks for helping out such a great cause!Guys, I own this same bag in black waxed cotton and it's amazing. It's by far the best bag I own and the suede is even nicer. Bid and bid high!
I work for United Stock Dry Goods and my office is behind Sydney's. We recommend Kim's to all of our clients.
Studio Kim at King W and Tecumseth.
The waist of our jeans generally measures about 1.5" larger than the tagged size.
Lots of must-buys still available at Sydney's! Their sale continues with up to 50% off: http://shopsydneys.com/sale.html If you're interested in anything from Label Under Construction, m.a+, or Marni PM me or email customerservice@shopsydneys.com for sale pricing.
Just a reminder that Sydney's is up to 50% off on most stock. We moved a lot over the weekend, but there's still lots of great stuff left. A few brands, like Label Under Construction, m.a+, and Marni ask that we don't advertise sale prices online...so if you see something you like that isn't marked down, PM me or email customerservice@shopsydneys.com and we'll let you know.
It's not working for me either.
We've marked down some individual pieces from Attachment, Devoa, Jil Sander, Kin, and The Viridi-anne here: http://shopsydneys.com/sale.html LUC and m.a+ request that their retailers don't advertise discounts on their collections, but if there are particular pieces that you're interested in feel free to PM me or email us at customerservice@shopsydneys.com and I can let you know what we can offer.
New Posts  All Forums: