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Yeah, when I realized how limited the selection was there I realized that I'm going to have to order them online. I need a new pair of boots ASAP, but I don't want to compromise on getting the right pair for me because of the time it will take to make them and ship them to me. I'm definitely going the online route - I just want to order them ASAP. Gav
Quote: Originally Posted by skalogre Either welted or screwed - cannot do both as they are different construction methods. Oh, sorry, what I meant was can the rubber sole be screwed or does it have to be welted? Probably a stupid question now that I think about it, though... Obviously they can't be screwed and welted I need a new pair of boots ASAP, so I'm trying to figure out the best sole/last/leather combination that is both...
Hey everyone, just a few questions before I order my first pair: With winter is on its way, I will need a pair that can withstand snow, slush, and salt. I assume that I'll need the rubber sole for that, but will it be waterproof or will I need the storm welt? And can I get that sole screwed or will it need to be welted? Given those concerns, what combination would you recommend for a sleek look (in black) that's also winter-appropriate in Toronto? Gav
What are your post-college plans, Bill? If you're going to be working, which industry (do you think you) will be going into? Gav
I opted for a pair of Nudies RRGC instead, but thanks everyone for your help. Gav
How much will APCs bleed ? Will I not be able to wear them with white shirts? Actually, what brands are typically better/worse for bleeding? Gav
Ok, here's how I measure: 2" below my belly button: 35.5" Top of thigh: 23" And my size 32" BSs were about 16.25" across the back of the waist (they're stretched from wear). Gav
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug More importantly, i'd take the jeans that fit you the best in the waist, and measure the waist band yourself by buttoning them up, laying them flat and measuring the back of it. I think regardless, getting a size 30 would end up working out for you. Cool, will do. Thanks a lot for the advice. Gav
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Which jeans fit you the best? I'd size down 2 from whichever jeans fit you the best. If your 33 PDCs are a bit baggy on you and the 32 Ben Shermans fit you snugly in the waist, i'd go for 30s. People aren't kidding when they say these jeans stretch a lot so if you're not sure, i'd go with the 30s as they will most certainly stretch out enough after a week, especially if you wear them a bit damp. They'll always look a...
I'm looking to order my first pair of APCs online, but wanted to double-check with you guys on the fit/sizing first. Size 33 Paper LTDs fit me well as do size 32 Ben Shermans. I'm a bit thicker in the thighs - not fat by any definition, but not skinny enough to get on any slim-fitting jeans (I'm 6'2 and about 186 lbs. if that helps). Should I be looking at NS? Or another cut? And in what size? 31 or 30? Gav
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