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If I'm a pretty perfect 32 in Ralfs, what size should I be looking at in KMWs? And given what I'm looking for and what fits me, would I be better off with 1980s or 1950s? I actually really really like the look of the KWMs...pretty much what I was hoping for, I think. Relatively speaking, are they good quality for the price? Gav
Quote: Originally Posted by cloudhands69 I agree with stylin. Don't go to APC after nudie. Those are both starter jeans. Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well. Gav
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 The 2010 is a serious boot cut, the 1950 is a classic cut, with a fuller top block and a half inch taper and the 1980 is a true straight leg, much slimmer than the Ralf. Forget about the Rocker. I've tried the 1950 and 1980 in two sizes each and neither worked for me. 2010 might work, but I'd want the boot cut tailored out or at least toned down, and I'm not sure I can hand over a pair of $275 jeans to a tailor, since...
Thanks for the advice. How would any of the KMWs compare given what I'm looking for? Gav
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen APC New Standards are exactly what you are talking about. Check Denim Bar, and if you can't get them there, check Context. If those both fall through, call APC up. Check the APC thread for sizing info as you'll need to size down 1 or 2 depending on how baggy you want them to be. I assumed APCs, too...but since I didn't mind spending more than what they'd cost me, I figured I'd see what else people...
So I'm planning to buy a new pair of jeans in the next month or so. Originally I planned to get a pair of Nudie Straight Svens (my RRs fit me near-perfectly, I just want a straight leg rather than a boot cut), but I think I'm starting to shy away from the stitching on the back and realizing that I can get better quality denim for the price. What would you guys suggest for a "dressier" pair of jeans? Meaning minimal stitching, a slimmer (for me, not "slim") profile that...
Forgive my ignorance, but are the composition soles inappropriate for winter use too? Gav
Quote: Originally Posted by bootsnbraces Completely. But your boots will be in fine shape to pass on to your next of kin, because a few steps outside on an icy day and you'll be dead from head trauma. Hahahahaha...that didn't even occur to me! Gav
Does the Turnout have a noticably less sleek profile than the Craftsman? Gav
Will leather soles be completely useless for Toronto winters (snow, slush, salt, etc...)? And are the Turnouts with the leather sole any less sleek than the Craftsman with a composite sole? To order the Comfort Craftsman from Nungar will cost ~$315 AUS with shipping, but I'm tempted to order the Turnouts from Shoemart to save me ~$100...but they only seem to have leather soles. Gav
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