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Waist -- 34"Thigh (1" Below Crotch) -- 23"Knee (14" Below Crotch) -- 15"Leg Opening -- 14.5"
Not yet, no.
Retailers don't charge duties -- the border services of your country of residence does. Retailers may mark down the value of the package to help lower the duties your country charges, but they're really not supposed to (I mean, it's illegal).
I'll also have some shots from our SS13 look book for you guys next week.
If they measure 35" long, they're the FW12 (and SS13, and FW13...) fit. We don't plan to change the fit at all in the foreseeable future (and we're ready to show FW13 at market next week, so we're talking at least a year...but likely much more).Like you said, the patch is something we opted to save a few dollars on. Even just a little saved on our cost, then off of production, then off of wholesale, then off of retail means noticeable savings for you guys in the end.The...
I hear ya. My current pair is the navy denim, which is a looser weave...so because of the stretch and different feel of the fit, I sized down to a 30. I do not have a 30" waist Another thing to note: we updated our fits for FW13, brining in the leg opening and calf by about 1" on both the narrow and slight fits. The dark indigo that you got was only used for SS12, so you've got a bit more room in the leg...which helps explain sizing down an extra size. When you buy...
I just had a thought that I forgot to add over email: we may measure the same at the waist, but my butt and thighs might be bigger than yours (I run a lot) which would affect the fit. Looking at your photos, you could probably do with sizing down two sizes.
Allow myself to quote...myself:
Awesome! I'll be in touch regarding the jeans shortly. Thanks for helping out such a great cause!Guys, I own this same bag in black waxed cotton and it's amazing. It's by far the best bag I own and the suede is even nicer. Bid and bid high!
I work for United Stock Dry Goods and my office is behind Sydney's. We recommend Kim's to all of our clients.
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