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We're expecting all of our denim to be shipping within two weeks. The light fade ones will retail for $195. I'll be grabbing a pair right away -- they're the perfect summer jean.
It was the combo of being in his mum's lap (I love my mum!), riding transit (adventure!), and me taking his photo (attention!).
Oh man, how did I miss this thread? Dogs are the fucking best...and Aussies are the best fucking dogs. My Sidney:
Yeah, it's one of our favourites. The idea is that it's a gingham "falling apart" so to speak. We've got it in navy and red.Four Horsemen, Fred Segal, HW Carter, Hypebeast, J2, Roden Gray, Sydney's, Uncle Otis, and Welcome Stranger all picked it up.
Four Horsemen, Odin, Sydney's, Cosmic Bobo, Leo Boutique, and Welcome Stranger all ordered it. It should be delivered mid-February.
Which one? The hooded jacket (3rd and 4th photos), navy/white chore jacket (5th photo), or navy chore jacket (6th photo)?
Highlights from our SS13 lookbook:
We're well-represented in Vancouver: Gravity Pope, Roden Gray, Eugene Choo, J2, and Four Horsemen in Victoria.
Yes, the jeans arrived this week. We'll take care of the exchange for you.
Sorry, I'm in LA unexpectedly. I'll check in with the store to see if they've received anything.
New Posts  All Forums: