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Just a reminder that we've got a bunch of seasonal markdowns up at http://shopsydneys.com/sale.html Sizes are limited on a lot of the more popular pieces...but the website's inventory is connected to the in-store point of sale software, so availability is accurate and updates in real time.
Nice, good to see they arrived safely. Hope you're happy with them!
Individual markdowns are now online at Sydney's: http://shopsydneys.com/sale.html Selections from the following collections are on sale: Attachment Billykirk Dries Van Noten Grenson Jil Sander KRANE Marni Marsell Officine Creative Shoto The Viridi-anne
Price drop --> $125
Sydney's 20% off website relaunch sale ends today. We will be marking down individual items from some of our collections starting tomorrow, but LUC and m.a+ will not be included.
Ahem: http://www.styleforum.net/t/284466/the-united-stock-dry-goods-thread
Just a reminder that you can save 20% store-wide with discount code "relaunch" at the new http://shopsydneys.com/ until the 13th.
If I remember correctly, the model has a 30" waist and 38" chest and was wearing a size 2 in the Viridi-anne trousers.
Generally speaking, a 2 is a 30, 3 is a 32, 4 is a 34, and 5 is a 36.
Which pants in particular are you interested in?
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