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I just noticed that Roden Gray has the double-face shirts on sale: http://rodengray.com/shop/United-Stock-Dry-Goods.html
It's possible, but I can't say for sure. Because it's our own line, we don't want to undercut other stores that carry it...so we're trying to be sensitive to pricing.
New shirts from KIN and footwear from Marsell have been added to the sale section at http://shopsydneys.com Use coupon code "add15" to save an additional 15% on all sale prices.
It might have been. We have a few pieces on sale right now too. They're just starting to tighten things up and it looks like it may be a firmer policy going forward.
Dries is tightening up on allowing their collection on sale online.
Just a last minute reminder about this. Our email is on its way out now, so if you want to grab something before it does...now's your chance!
Great! Happy to help They're sitting beside me, ready to be packaged up. I'll email you with a tracking number once they've been sent out.
Sydney's weekly email newsletter is going out tomorrow and will include a coupon code for an additional 15% off of all sale items, but we're inviting SF members to take advantage of the promotion first. Use coupon code "add15" at checkout.
Hey, did I mention that there's seasonal markdowns up at shopsydneys.com? Up to 50% off!
Not to wade into the debate, but, uh, no...
New Posts  All Forums: