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All of the Oxford shirts are carry-over styles from season to season, so same fabrics, same everything. And all of our shirts have the same cut, so while there might be some slight differences from shirt to shirt depending on the material and how it hangs on you...the patterns are identical.
not at all, dude. I'd be lying if I said I never had the same problem myself. My wallet fits totally fine, but it's a little tight to button the pocket back up...so I'm not surprised to hear that feedback.
I'll pass that along to the designer.
We have a couple of new fabrics, but the cut is exactly the same.
Thanks for the kind words! It's great to hear.You're right about our shirts not having darts -- all of the shaping is done in the side-seams.We're packing and shipping FW13 orders right now, so stores should be receiving new stock in the next week or two.
m.a+ Oxford Boots: http://shopsydneys.com/all-designers/m-a/m-a-oxford-boot-black.html
We just released our FW13 look book, which includes styles from our upcoming collection. We expect to be shipping to stores in late-July/early-August, so be sure to check out SF affiliates like Blue Owl, Need Supply, Four Horsemen, Roden Gray, Uncle Otis, and Sydney's in the coming weeks. We're well-represented throughout Canada and in much of the US at other non-affiliates, too...
I will see if I can find the measurements for the Classic Fit, but we discontinued them after our first season. If Mortar has any left, they're quite old stock.
We can provide hemming, but not chain stitching. Sydney has been talking about picking up a Union Special for a little while now, but I'm not sure where he's at with that.
Email us at info@unitedstockdrygoods.com and we'll make it right for you. The kind of damage shown in your photos isn't like any we've come across from any other customers.
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