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Yeah, I believe the collection only existed for one season.
It was the combo of being in his mum's lap (I love my mum!), riding transit (adventure!), and me taking his photo (attention!).
Oh man, how did I miss this thread? Dogs are the fucking best...and Aussies are the best fucking dogs. My Sidney:
Retailers don't charge duties -- the border services of your country of residence does. Retailers may mark down the value of the package to help lower the duties your country charges, but they're really not supposed to (I mean, it's illegal).
Allow myself to quote...myself:
Awesome! I'll be in touch regarding the jeans shortly. Thanks for helping out such a great cause!Guys, I own this same bag in black waxed cotton and it's amazing. It's by far the best bag I own and the suede is even nicer. Bid and bid high!
I work for United Stock Dry Goods and my office is behind Sydney's. We recommend Kim's to all of our clients.
Studio Kim at King W and Tecumseth.
Lots of must-buys still available at Sydney's! Their sale continues with up to 50% off: If you're interested in anything from Label Under Construction, m.a+, or Marni PM me or email for sale pricing.
Just a reminder that Sydney's is up to 50% off on most stock. We moved a lot over the weekend, but there's still lots of great stuff left. A few brands, like Label Under Construction, m.a+, and Marni ask that we don't advertise sale prices if you see something you like that isn't marked down, PM me or email and we'll let you know.
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