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Try contacting Sydney's in Toronto. Their website is down and being redesigned, but you can email them to make arrangements.
All of our denim is sanforized to minimize shrinkage, but some will still occur with the first wash/soak.
Because of the lighter weight of the denim, you probably won't get the hard creases that you're used to from a heavier denim. They'll still form and fade well, but 9oz is quite lightweight for denim.Sticking to one style (cut, buttons, details, etc...) is one of the things that helps us keep our production costs down, which means a more accessible price. Once we grow and start producing more shirts every season, a spread collar is something we'd like to consider...but...
Speaking of SS14 orders shipping out, here's a sneak peak at our SS14 look book:
Yeah, of course! That denim is a carry-over style for us, so it's still in production. New orders just went out to Hypebeast, Roden Gray, Odin, Leo Boutique, Uncle Otis, Revolve, and Sydney's.
Yup, same denim. It fades amazingly too!
We're carrying over our FW13 denims into SS14. The light fade sold really well for us, so we're reproducing that...and the rest will be raw (indigo, black, navy, and grey) and the rinsed indigo. We're looking at some new denim introductions for FW14.
Context doesn't carry United. Great store otherwise, though.You can find the light fade in the narrow fit at Cosmic Bobo, Due West, Escalator, Four Horsemen, J2, Revolve, and Sydney's. Sizes may be limited...it's getting a little late into the season, and not many of the light fade were produced. We'll be continuing the style for future seasons, though.
The largest size in any of our styles is 36.
Sorry guys, I was on a much-needed vacation last week and completely unplugged from the outside world!Because of the washing process, the light fade denim shrank compared to the raw. I wear a 30 in the raw, but a 31 in the light fade...and that's even accounting for the stretch.Love that fabric...Try Three Monkeys, Les Etoffes, Boutique Tozzi, or Magasin General Bruxe.
New Posts  All Forums: