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Hi, I've been looking for some shoes for a while now. Brown leather chukkas/desert boots or some other type of casual boot is #1 on my list, followed by brown leather loafers, then suede chukkas/other casual boot. The problem is, I wear size 15 US/14 UK. Finding my size (particularly when I'm shopping+buying in the UK) is a pain. Even brands that do sell my size in the U.S. either don't sell it in the UK (Clarks!!) or have a much smaller selection in my size. I will,...
Watching this thread as I'm considering getting a pair also. Are Florsheim and Cole Haan any good? Side note, not too interested into running into oneeightyseven!
I actually like Timeline. Pretty neat. I don't view other people's profiles (timelines?) too much, though. I still don't like facebook much but it was an interesting change that's a bit fun sometimes (looking at old posts and all of that).
That's the only explanation that made sense to me.The plane was a Aviat Husky If anyone here is familiar with it. It has a single engine up front.Now it makes more sense. The whole time I was thinking it was a low wing twin aircraft where walking into the prop would mean walking directly into the wing. With the engine up front, I can see how it can happen.I wish her all the best in her recovery.
All the damn dubstep remixes on youtube. Is it really necessary?
I prefer imageshack. Didn't know it would mess up on here, never had problems before. Fixed it already though.
Didn't think I'd ever post here, but hey, why not? I know, shirt is a bit big, and it wasn't ironed. Was running out of the house when I put it on. I'm still experimenting with my wardrobe, go easy on me, haha.
Over here, most people/fishermen take a knife and shove it down in-between where the tail meets the body and work it around the tail, then twist the tail out. I'm guessing the body isn't really used for cooking as much as other places around the world, save restaurants. The guts inside do make excellent bait though.
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