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I purchased this coat new. I'm normally a size 40 in sportcoats. This size 40 fits slim and too narrow in the shoulders for me. I'd say a slim medium. This coat is from the Mackintosh Spring/Summer 2014 collection. -Ink color is similar to a more iridescent indigo. -100% cotton Loro Piana Storm System fabric is waterproof and wind resistant. -Spread collar with buttoning throat clasp. -Hidden placket with shank buttons. -Fully bound interior seams. -Two front...
I bought this new last winter and wore it very sparingly. Size L but fits more like a true Medium with slim cut arms and high arm holes. It is a olive-tanish herringbone pattern, 2 chest pockets, 2 front pocket, 1 rear pocket, and vents in the rear arms and back, velcro straps at the cuffs.
My experience: I have the: Wolverine 1000k (2years old) Size 10 Alden Indy 401 (black and tan) 3months Size 10 My experience with Oak Street is a pair of beefroll penny loafers. The Wolverine horween broke in much faster. It also marks a lot easier than the Alden if you want a certain patina. Toebox of the Wolverine is much more generous but the physical footprint of the Alden is wider in the toe. Depending on which car I'm driving, I sometimes feel like I'm wearing...
For my 701s, pulled hard to get them buttoned up, wore them for a week to stretch , cold soak to shrink length, wore them another week, then sent to Jay Doughton forchain-stitch hemming. No on ever said they were low-effort.
This hoodie carries 60gm of Primaloft. I bought it new w/o tags and wore it once but it's a little snug for me. Asking $150 shipped and paypal.
I bought these Dry Bones glasses direct from Japan through Rakuten but they're not for me. Measurements: Lense width 47mm Lense height 42mm Temple to temple 140mm Bridge 18mm Comes with Dry Bones case $80 shipped and paypal Thanks for looking!
Ha! Only 6'2" Lost almost an inch and a half of inseam with the initial soak.
They're below my waist. Compared to my 701s, the rise is lower, closer to my skinny guy NF. I did size up from my 701s. I have 33 in those and a 34 in the BOM. I wanted to start with the same pre-shrunk waist measurement and got almost 2 inches off with a hotsoak. Thighs do feel roomier than the 701s. Jays pre-shrunk measurements are spot on if you want to compare it something you may already have.
I'll help you out here Jay, These are BOM001 size 34. One hot soak, about a week old. Sorry for the color quality - flash into a mirror.
So after a couple hours hot soak:Inseam shrank a bit more than 1"Waist shrank almost 2"Thigh was minimal shrink.Looks like I got some stretching out to do.I think I did fine by sizing up 1" from my 701s.
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