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I really love this watch.
MCs persistence in getting me my decant through a comedy of errors (my fault) was impressive. Can't doubt his honesty and the juice is as advertised. Thanks MC.
I wore Equipage today. It lasts forever on me.
Parfum de Nicolai New York gets a lot of love in this thread and it has a powdery note.
Pretty close - I figured I would be average and predictable and I was at least half right.Guerlain in is my number one by a long shot. I like Creed original Vetiver as a distant second. I did a run of vetivers a while back and I was amazed how many crappy vetiver scents there are. I can't recall if I tried the two you named though.
I bet L'Incandescent can guess them in two seconds flat. That's right L'Inc, I'm throwing down the gauntlet -- the dreaded S/FotDT gauntlet.
April or May. Maybe things have gotten worse - I don't know.
I knew it.
I wore Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver. It is my third favorite vetiver scent in case you were wondering.
So I ordered two pairs of trousers; one Italian cut and one American cut. The Italian didn't fit and so I sent it back with note asking for an exchange. Couple of weeks later I got the pair i asked for. I'm not discounting the experience of others, but my experience was different and totally acceptable.
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