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I have to say I'm torn on the VertuoLine. I need to get a new machine because I moved my old machine to the office. I also primarily drink caffe americanos -- two shots and a luongo of water (no capsule). So the VertuoLine appeals in that sense, but I just tried the Storm grand cru and I found it a bit harsh. Has anyone switched over and can opine on the overall quality of the VertuoLine grand crus?
I'm sure you are right about the construction and focus part, but I just haven't found any that I really liked for myself (with the possible exception of Poal). I just dabbed on a bit of musc ravageur and I just don't dig it. Seems odd because I have really enjoyed some of the other things you like. Of course, scents are intensely personal which is what makes them interesting.
Someone mentioned Malle's Vetiver being a bit boring and it kind of struck a chord. I've tried a handful of Malle scents now and I've yet to discover one that I really, really like. Some of them are interesting, like noir epices, but I haven't been tempted to buy anything more than a sample so far.
I realize this is a question of personal taste, but for me there is nothing in the current Rolex line up that I like more than what was in their line up 10 or 15 years ago. I'd take a 16710 Pepsi over that GMT above any day and at half the price too.
I do this as well. And I pair it with a Swiss watch.
I know RL sells them and O'Connells, but does anyone have a recommendation on where I can pick up a quality crocodile belt that won't break the bank?
Finished up the last of my Montale Black Oud. I like this one a lot.
Almost wore Oud wood today. Instead, grabbed SMN Acqua di Colonia and let it rip.
I'm in for 50ml of the Oud wood if you still have it.
. Yes it is.
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