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I wore Equipage today. It lasts forever on me.
Parfum de Nicolai New York gets a lot of love in this thread and it has a powdery note.
Pretty close - I figured I would be average and predictable and I was at least half right.Guerlain in is my number one by a long shot. I like Creed original Vetiver as a distant second. I did a run of vetivers a while back and I was amazed how many crappy vetiver scents there are. I can't recall if I tried the two you named though.
I bet L'Incandescent can guess them in two seconds flat. That's right L'Inc, I'm throwing down the gauntlet -- the dreaded S/FotDT gauntlet.
April or May. Maybe things have gotten worse - I don't know.
I knew it.
I wore Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver. It is my third favorite vetiver scent in case you were wondering.
So I ordered two pairs of trousers; one Italian cut and one American cut. The Italian didn't fit and so I sent it back with note asking for an exchange. Couple of weeks later I got the pair i asked for. I'm not discounting the experience of others, but my experience was different and totally acceptable.
You should see the model number between one set of lugs and the serial number of the watch on the other end. It would have to be a very old Rolex for that not to be the case.
Italian Cypress by this fellow named Tom Ford.
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