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Not yet;)
Yeah three years...can't give up;)
Really thanks for your great info! But their answer was..."our hat looks like the picture you've sent. There is the leather band inside like the hat of Centennial collection but there is no logo printed. Probably it is a similar hat but unfortunately is not what are you looking for."
Blue back blade is important for me and knit is MUST.
It's really easy to find a solid brown knit tie... But it's hard to find brown knitted blade and navy blue little tail one;)
I'd like to buy Zegna Centennial Collection cardigan (size 52/L or 54/XL) in new or almost new condition. Does anyone have this cardigan? Please message me if you have for sale along with your asking price and pics if any would be appreciated.
everyone knows you're listing this pre-owned gloves for three years at eBay
This is the first time, thanks for giving me such type of information which is useful for me! I will continue searching...
Still searching... Here is more pictures:
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