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dropped the price on these
for those who asked here are the measurements waist - 29inch inseam - 34inch hem - 6.5 inch rise - 9 inch
I just got these as a gift from a friend and they are too small for me. I only tried them on, it still has booklet and such as pictured. Only asking for 110 shipped for US. I accept paypal or google checkout. I always ship usps priority mail and I have good feedback from this board. PM me for more info and thanks for looking.
Hey michael did you get my pm for a pair of the medium bamboo undeez?
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell Yes there will. What color are you looking for? I was hoping for an indigo color or some purple.
Will there be a restock of the bamboo undeez in other colors??
Quote: Originally Posted by Fat-Elvis What's a good product to give your hair some good 'weight' and texture and a little bit of shine, and a little bit of control, but very little hold? Basically something that leaves my hair looking and feeling like there's absolutely nothing in it, but improves the really dry and dull look it normally has. Something I can use to make my hair look decent when I don't feel like styling it with paste/wax/etc. I use...
Damn those ironheart flannels look dank. How much do they cost?
I thought so too but seeing the posts above about sizing down 1-1.5 sizes on the greys when I only sized down .5 in my black suedes made me a little worried about what size to get. Too bad zappos is out of my size otherwise I would just order it there and return it for free if it didn't fit
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