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A year or two ago I purchased a pair of black and white houndstooth chinos from Uniqlo in NYC that are cotton and 2% spandex. They were EXACTLY what I wanted. They were fitted and a great material and only around $50 iirc. Unfortunately I only got one pair and assumed I could always buy more there but alas they no longer have them and a dishwasher splashed bleech on mine. I'm a chef and want a traditional looking (black and white houndstooth) pant to wear at work that...
Thanks. I need something more than a topy... I need something slip resistant in an oily environment like Shoemakersunion stated. The search goes on!
I'm a Chef by trade and I also love shoes. Problem is 99% of the shoes made by your standard non-slip manufacturer are UGLY (Shoes for Crews, Rockport, Dansko, Birkenstock etc...) I have been wearing a black wingtip shoe from shoes for crews for the past few years but as I went to purchase a new pair (most of these shoes last me ~9 months) I noticed they had just stopped making this shoe! I would love to say, take my Grenson boots which have a completely smooth outsole and...
Worn like this! http://www1.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/burberry-brit-britton-double-breasted-trench-coat?ID=560609&CategoryID=9554&LinkType=#fn=MENS_APPAREL_TYPE%3DCoats%20&%20Jackets%26spp%3D33%26ppp%3D96%26sp%3D1%26rid%3D53 No opinions? I think this could be a cool piece of streetwear.
Do we still have the same sentiments 4 years later? I've been checking out trenches and fell in love with burberry's http://us.burberry.com/store/menswear/coats/london/prod-38341091-mid-length-lambskin-trench-coat/ I wish it was a bit longer.... What do you think? I think it would work well with a rock-and-roll motorcyclist style now that emo isnt mainstream anymore and when something fits well (like a burberry) it wouldn't look like a metal head/punk rocker. I would like...
I have several SuitSupply suits and have nothing but incredible things to say about them. Nothing I have ever owned gets complimented more than my 3p grey tweed suit. Problem is they are geared more towards lanky people. I am 155# 5'10 with long arms and I fit very well into a 36 with slight tailoring on in their Washington line--I'm usually a 38L elsewhere... Check it out anyway!
Been looking for a decent shirt to wear under a black blazer around the city and maybe for a foot in the club and really fell in love with the Etro paisley sport shirts but ~$400 new is killer. If anyone has anything similar that would be great! I DO have longer arms but could wear a regular length shirt. Idealy I'm a 15 1/2 -...
Since my post I have purchased two suit (one 3p) from SuitSupply, They are great! They seem to run small though... Both suits I bought were the washington fit and I ended up with a very nicely fitting size 35. I am usually a 38L! Because of this I would say try them in person. But they have a pretty good return policy if you have no choice but online. The grey washington 3p suit is awesome. It's like a lightweight tweed in person and it is a silk/wool blend. Very cool.
I recently popped in their shop and tried on a few jackets. I'm 5'10 and 155# and nothing was tight on me, I would have to get everything taken in. I really admired their mohairs in person. Blue with pinstripe wool/mohair/silk may be my next suit.All that aside I know nothing about Mytailor either.
I'm selling my Grenson Sharps because I purchased them online thinking I was a 10.5 but they are a tad big on me. I have never worn them beyond initially trying them on and as you can see from the pictures they are in like new condition. Looks like they were just tried on a couple times and never really walked in. Please buy them so I can buy new shoes myself!
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