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OMG. jaw dropped.
From his last few posts we can infer that he was also strung along, and he just put two and two together relatively recently. What incentives would he had to bullshit people, pro bono?
TOJ thread going nuclear.
Charlie just confirmed what most of us have suspected, drew fucked the money. I've done similar things running an nba fantasy league, spending the money of the collected pot. But at the end of the season when it's time to pay out, I've always managed. But we're talking about just $1200-$1500. Multiply this figure by 500 and we can see why a dude would be vague and make up bullshit to string people along.
I don't see why everyone is giving @Gruff flack here when he, along with a few other people, is just pointing out the obvious, that the process of going through with a suit vs someone overseas would be a logistical nightmare, with very little, maybe even negative ROI. No one has put forth any convincing argument otherwise. We got @Kid Nickels here who said he will break it down later, when in an earlier post he admitted he's not well versed in civil and class action...
Plus he admitted he's been fed bullshit so he probably know as much as anyone following this thread.
I know an Asian guy who's last name is Trina, with a similar story but involves his grandparents
it wont shrink but it will lay down. Fok is right about it being very tough and stiff. i can't imagine getting a heavier leather unless you want actual road rash protection.
Saul is a good man.
Looks good penance. I think most others would benefit from sizing up but not this one (you already sized up from S)
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