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thanks @brad-t. gonna give it a try.
anyone with experience with them, how is Zenmarket? Fromjapan is getting expensive.
ya'll missed this dude on the list.also, why.
I think Fok's take is close to what happened. Apply Hanlon's razor here. He probably didn't plan on duping people from the start, but instead slowly dug himself a bigger and bigger hole. Dude is gone and there's no money left.
I can't believe people are still optimistic about a possibility of working this out with Drew amicably. I could be wrong but the impression and feeling i'm getting is dude is gone, and so is the money (not necessarily that he took it and ran, but instead there's no money left.)
safe to say we've easily passed $50k for outstanding orders just in this thread, so far. That's probably enough reason for a dude to go hideout in a remote cabin in the mountains of New Hampshire.
OMG. jaw dropped.
From his last few posts we can infer that he was also strung along, and he just put two and two together relatively recently. What incentives would he had to bullshit people, pro bono?
TOJ thread going nuclear.
Charlie just confirmed what most of us have suspected, drew fucked the money. I've done similar things running an nba fantasy league, spending the money of the collected pot. But at the end of the season when it's time to pay out, I've always managed. But we're talking about just $1200-$1500. Multiply this figure by 500 and we can see why a dude would be vague and make up bullshit to string people along.
New Posts  All Forums: