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I dont think these low rise tight thigh pants you usually wear do you any favor. Something more roomy might work better for you.
I think this is the first Regis fit i thumbed. Full shot has a lot to do with it i think. Looks good man, including pants break.Edit: also should go in suit challenge thread
@Distorbiant is this you? I don't think it's been confirmed or denied.
I suggest starting out with some peashooter with some cabbage-pult as backup.
some people just aren't the type to willingly bend over.
That jacket has zero zips
wasn't that bad. was funny. a lot of cornballs, but not much different from other fanatics.
quoting all the fits missed through the shit-storm.
Edited in another overused reddit switcharoo. You're sooo lame dude, and transparent. Classic non-apology apology. Also giving yourself too much credit. The only offensive thing about your stereotypes is how hackneyed they are. Really, your posts induce groans, not "butthurts".
New Posts  All Forums: