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One point to illustrate how dude uses weasel words to obfuscate: he tries to refute the original claim that he moved and disconnected his phone by saying that he lives in a private building (so?) and that he didn't change his phone number (no one claimed this) and admitted he doesn't have a number now. None of this refutes the original claim. I'm sure someone closer to the situation can go through and disect that long rambling line by line
I nominate this for the Moo's blog. It'll actually makes it funny
Surprise surprise. A guy with a long documented history of being a liar and called himself king bullshitter was lying. Brad time to tell drew to get fucked and block him on Facebook
this guy for example: across it searching for some things. A lot of irony rereading 2014 posts.I wouldn't be surprise if the # go pass 200 but i doubt it's double that right now. Although I didn't think it would go pass 50 when the list got started.
I didn't say anything was incorrect, just that if I can proxy something for a straight $3+shipping, that's a little more than half off the commission, and considerably more if you figure in taxes. And the order was from a y! auction, and I don't remember being charged taxes before, but I could be wrong. Watching the nba finals so I don't wanna check.
here's the receipt for my last FJ order, 1 pair of pants: ① Final winning price 14,800 Yen ② Commission fee 200 Yen ③ Used Point(s) 0 Point ④ System usage fee ( ( ① + ② - ③ ) × 5% ) 750 Yen Charge1 Total ( ① + ② - ③ + ④ ) 15,750 Yen Payment option Deposit ① Domestic delivery charge 600 Yen ② Bank transfer fee 172 Yen ③ Pending system usage fee of Charge1 0 Yen ④ Excess charge 0 Yen ⑤ Tax ( Charge1 ) 1,184 Yen ⑥ Check Service Fee 0 Yen ⑦ Surcharge 0 Yen ⑧ Oversea shipping...
thanks @brad-t. gonna give it a try.
anyone with experience with them, how is Zenmarket? Fromjapan is getting expensive.
ya'll missed this dude on the list.also, why.
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