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I cosign the above. You were on some Tears for Fears/Roland Orzabal shit.
Too big or just not flattering. The length kinda sucks. It'll be better if it was longer or more cropped.
OK thanks. No rush though. Was just wondering.
So when can we expect the fit jackets to go out now, Thurston Bros? Late November?
+j stuffs came through, and I'm impressed with everything. Although, the only suiting experience I have is with Acne stuff. Fit is spot on true to size, just need to hem the pants and shorten sleeves on the jackets. Shirt is perfect. Definitely worth it at retail IMO.
black and grey just restocked in most sizes
size ss is for people who's family were a part of Third Reich
+j grey solid pants restocked 30 and 31.
edit: wrong thread woops
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