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I feel bad for people waiting 1.5y+ and in the end the jacket doesn't fit (to satisfaction), which is bound to happen to a few.
I'm in for one. Might sell my TOJ a2 (slightly too slim) depends on how this turn out.
I like the liner. Brand patch can probably be easily taken off with seam ripper.
my apathy is turning into empathy for people waiting 1yr+. This is getting crazy. Still,
hey guys it's been spoken for but I threw up a listing to make it official and for people who wants to see pics. Will go down the list of PMs in order if it falls through.
See pics. edit: SOLD
I have a daypack I can let go (only 3 more months of school) if anyone's interested. Cosmetic scratches at bottom from normal wear. $220 shipped. PM me.
No one could get illa
I check this sub out once in awhile. Last time I checked they seem to love how Russell Westbrook dresses.
that's what I was thinking. Just need a button up, roomie/drapey trousers, boots/derbies, maybe lose the glasses.
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