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what size are your dvn pants @snowmanxl? Also they're women's right? I think I bought the same ones on y! but not sure if they'll fit.
this shit go super hard. it's my favorite Letterman performance.
i know i wasnt the only one who went and searched for these glasses.also what's the Aaron Paul story @bows1
just followed a bunch of people. hashtag followback.
Nice. New camera or used?
I recommended Incendies earlier in the thread. Gonna watch Enemy.
is that happening? bonus pic with some colorful fellas: [[SPOILER]] #okfashionweek
EG jacket Vibskov shirt Plokhov pants Trickers shoes thrifted Pendleton hat Effector shades...sup e0d
damn. condolences, jet.
busy w/ school and other things. OK Fashion Week is this week and I got media pass so will try to post one soon.
New Posts  All Forums: