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bottom half is cool. I don't like the sweater nor the scarf, especially not in that fit.
@oucho great style oucho.
I honestly dont even mind the gap even if it doesnt settle.
saw @in stitches on instagram
The only time i see new people getting ridiculed is when they're coming from a position of authority while dressing like doodoo (see the Terrible Fashion Blogs thread). This dude describes himself as a men's wardrobe consultant. People here in general are nice and helpful if you're actually earnest about wanting to learn how to dress better.
Well this #menswear trend peaked 4 years ago. If you wanna be super current trendy you gotta follow what the kids in this thread are doing: http://hypebeast.com/forums/off-topic/55613/page/909#4618601Get with the program dude.
I'm down if we can get something similar to those Bobcats, with a thick chunky sole. Short guys unite.
One point to illustrate how dude uses weasel words to obfuscate: he tries to refute the original claim that he moved and disconnected his phone by saying that he lives in a private building (so?) and that he didn't change his phone number (no one claimed this) and admitted he doesn't have a number now. None of this refutes the original claim. I'm sure someone closer to the situation can go through and disect that long rambling line by line
I nominate this for the Moo's blog. It'll actually makes it funny
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