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There are just some things i'd rather they stayed obscure
nah I'm an aircraft mechanic building jet engines. I just like to make shit.
something like this can probably be built for less than $100 if you already have the tools: I'm gonna try it when I move into my new apartment. http://www.vertigohome.us/products/toj-clothes-rack-by-normann-copenhagen?utm_source=google-product-search&gclid=CISJhsOm97ICFUeRPAodjSUAiQ (no Drew Keith)
The key is to try hard not to look try hard.
Joseph please carry craig green so i can throw money at you.
If you ask some of the better SWD posters what their favorite 10 items they own, you're not likely to see the same thing twice. If you ask them how they arrived at their style, you'll probably get very unique, individualized stories. Some has an innate sense of style, some had to work a little, some had to work a lot at it. That's why it's hard to give out a single prescription. The best advice I can give is to just read a ton and be more observant. Look at blogs, forums,...
bottom half is cool. I don't like the sweater nor the scarf, especially not in that fit.
@oucho great style oucho.
I honestly dont even mind the gap even if it doesnt settle.
saw @in stitches on instagram
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