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mine is pretty small so i never have a problem repositioning the bulge
I was empathizing with her until she started asking for money to pay her rent. And it look like she's just trading in one bullshit for another with her new website:shit belongs in https://www.reddit.com/r/im14andthisisdeep/
those boots are fugly
well, when he wears that outfit, the girls be checking him out and that's all that matters. checkmate critics.
The material (and design) is one of a kind. I haven't handle anything like it. I need more things made out of that stuff.
Raf Simons beanie Soak knit shirt Snowsmock by @snowmanxl Ffixxed wool pants Trickers x Tres Bien Shop creepers
looks good to me @Lorcan7. don't see the problem.
Yeah i used to but i put a couple of these around the house and it got rid of my rakuten chatty friend problem:
dude stop rolling/cuffing your pants (been wanting to say that for awhile.) it looks a lot better when you don't in that CM thread.
cool pic
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