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looks good to me @Lorcan7. don't see the problem.
Yeah i used to but i put a couple of these around the house and it got rid of my rakuten chatty friend problem:
dude stop rolling/cuffing your pants (been wanting to say that for awhile.) it looks a lot better when you don't in that CM thread.
cool pic
wedged heels are a must if you're trying to squat deep with stability.
1 a-2 black horsehide please
well you just pointed out the main problems (bolded) with the TOJ MA-1. Gimme the opposite anyday of the week.(not raglan but similar concept with dropped shoulders)
I havent seen it look good on anyone tbh. Not a fan of the non-raglan sleeves.
I think it's time for SVB to go full Labelking
Eg vans
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