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well I just made an order with Will from @OTHERshop so I guess it's real. This is a sweet deal. Jump on these challenges people. £250 up for grabs!
more like Fonzie Scheme
@conceptionist post in here: SW&D CHALLENGE - SUMMER/WINTER SHORTS - 6/2/14-6/11/14 3 more days folks.
please do. dandy it up so you'll blend in. take lots of pics and videos, maybe do some interviews.
@wj4 you can post as many as you want but just 1 gonna be put up for voting. lemme know which one you want. @NOBD post a full body one dude
i was hoping that pic wouldn't start some spoilery discussion. I'd be piss if I hadn't seen the ep.
@Ken P I was thinking of just shorts, but you can post whatever you think qualifies and we'll just leave it up to the voters. @thatoneguy all shorts allowed. Was gonna make a caveat for our southern hemisphere posters but just didn't. Thread title changed. @NOBD is that your entry?
New SW&D challenge up guys: SW&D CHALLENGE - SUMMER SHORTS - 6/2/14-6/11/14 Thanks for the input and votes from some of the guys here in the last challenge. It was very appreciated. Hoping to see more participation for this one.
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