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Bose's headphones are the uniqlo cashmere of the burrito world.
You look alot better with your tees sized up @nicelynice
Yeah I just need a cheap suit for rare formal occasions.
Thanks for that. Was actually deciding between xs and s. Def getting s.
plan on getting the same. how did you sized the jacket? any measurements? (I know uk site has measurements}
did you tried it on? I just hope it fits true to labeled. Just couldn't pass on the price.
Soloist suede jacket Tried to convince myself it'll be too tight but my impulses took over. It'll probably be too tight.
Easy to get refund if they're not the same ones pictured. Ask the seller for a refund first see what they do. Look like they have 100% feedback with close to 3000 feedback.
look like a lot of people will receive their jackets this week.
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