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Parker makes things I don't like looks good (mocs and loafers). Really good.
White Mountaineering hat Raf 1995 shirt HL vest Dries pants sup snowman Qasa
stampdla. I kinda like it too but I'd feel bad supporting a generic ripoff label. You can see prada, balmain, givenchy, etc. in his shit.
was testing out the extensions and figured the forum goes back to normal when "HTTPS Everywhere" is disabled. Not sure how to add this site as an exception to the extension.
Yeah I once ordered a Tim Coppens button up shirt and got a Tim Coppens wrist wrap thing. Call them and they'll set you straight. My shirt was out of stock so they just refunded me after I shipped the thing back.
Wow that Burberry is really sick. DO IT.
(actual lyrics make following the parody better)
congrats Tirailleur! twins thats crazy
looks good. hope the early/mid November date is still on because
Same. I mentioned it here.Seems to only happen on chrome on my windows XP desktop
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