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challenge = success. might be hardest one to vote for yet.
ss15 looks sick.
trousers looks fine.
stylezeitgeist.com/forums is probably more your cup of tea.
untuck, unbutton top button, sag jeans a little bit, relax.
ones w black pants look good
the ^ is a diacritical mark just for the e. The ยด indicates the tone for the whole word.
Over July 4th weekend: The Grand Budapest Hotel - Not a big Wes Anderson fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed this. Maybe the best I've seen this year. Probably need to go back and watch his other films. Style inspiration: Noah - Also enjoyed this. Has some cool visuals. this gif: https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/Q0b1VvHyRLCCLP8rZXbH Also caught up on the UK show Utopia. Interesting plot, good soundtrack, although it's worth watching for the cinematography alone. I...
that was on the first page of this thread.
Pho in the state tastes better than Vietnam IMO, probably because of the mentioned lack of premium ingredients. I've only been back once in 2004, though. Had pho in HCMC/Saigon and Da Lat. Never been to the north.
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