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Merry Christmas/*insert preferred greeting* Raf hat Jil by Raf turtleneck Dulcamara pants Docs
top of shoulders laying flat ~17.5" across shoulders at the upper arm seam seen in the back picture ~16" chest ~19" Labeled sized S, fits true 46/S. Free shipping within US, add $20 for international shipping.
100% style inspiration:
nah I like Grimes, but US rap in general is in a real good place right now. I love Del, too. Catch a Bad One is one my of favorites. He's Ice Cube's cousin (most of his fans already know this). I lost about 10,000 songs of rare/older shit when my laptop got burgled awhile back. Slowly reupping so I appreciate all the name drops.
Yeah man, Clams Casino and No ID beats got me going No ID still going hard after 20+ years. "No ID from the city with a beach on 31st/ makin all butt crews disperse"
yes it's great. I got chills when it ended and faded out with Get A Hold.
Rap is still great. Kendrick Danny Brown Earl Ka/Dr Yen Lo Travis Scott Vince Staples ASAP Rocky I'm not a big fan of what Future or Young Thug does save for a few songs but I can appreciate what they do. I also made a 180 on Drake from his last couple of projects. Speaking of El-P, I was the first to upload this to youtube 9 years ago:
I think Cotton Docker's shoes and pants are good there. Jacket might need a size up.
Over/under 4,000,000 jpy?
Jacket could be cool with looser pants and less stiff stance
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