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Soloist hat Henrik Vibskov shirt Snowsmock by @snowmanxl ffixxed coat Dulcamara pants Trickers x Tres Bien Shop creepers
I don't think I'd put Hateful Eight in Tarantino's top 5 but I still went to watch it twice in 70mm, because I think that type of filmmaking deserves all the money. The second time I went an hour early to snag the best seat, 3 or 4 rows from the back right in the middle. Took a couple of phone pics of the projector and projectionist when the credit was rolling: you can see the film running along the top turned around and gave dude a thumbs up when the overture started
I can't think of anyone else who deserves appreciation posts in the music, movies, AND fashion threads. This is one of my favorite uses of a song in a movie:
RIP to the legendary David Bowie.
I was reading the imdb trivia page for the greatest movie of all time and discovered where Drew Keith got the idea for his ponzi scam from.gotdamn
Merry Christmas/*insert preferred greeting* Raf hat Jil by Raf turtleneck Dulcamara pants Docs
top of shoulders laying flat ~17.5" across shoulders at the upper arm seam seen in the back picture ~16" chest ~19" Labeled sized S, fits true 46/S. Free shipping within US, add $20 for international shipping.
100% style inspiration:
nah I like Grimes, but US rap in general is in a real good place right now. I love Del, too. Catch a Bad One is one my of favorites. He's Ice Cube's cousin (most of his fans already know this). I lost about 10,000 songs of rare/older shit when my laptop got burgled awhile back. Slowly reupping so I appreciate all the name drops.
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