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Wow you're right. I just searched that scene again on youtube. I guess I replaced the actual scene with one I imagined in my head, and it was a lot more graphic. That's crazy.
Wasn't The Chaser gory? It's been awhile. I Saw the Devil is pretty brutal but if you can handle Oldboy's [[SPOILER]] I don't think you'll have a problem.
Apparently this was released this past weekend and tanked bad. Other good S.Korean movies:MotherI Saw the DevilSave the Green Planet
I wanna see this. Looks fascinating: article: http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2013/11/vermeer-secret-tool-mirrors-lenses anyway I've been watching a lot of shitty movies. The only one that was somewhat interesting was Mr. Nobody. completed in 2009 but just recently been shown in select theaters in US. Worth a watch.
I actually can't remember the last fit pic on sufu with any supreme shit, much less one that was well received.
Actually just paid yesterday and gonna have to wait a couple of weeks for delivery. you?
Haven't bought any clothing from the sales. Not yet anyway. Bought: Cav Empt hoody 3 electric toothbrushes for gifts Nexus 5 and accessories for lost phone 3TB WD External HD for more porn
Dope interview. Sway put him in his place at the end there. I have nothing but respect for Kanye's ambition, disregarding his overinflated ego and creative output. Although Yeezus's been growing on me.
As someone who drafted DRose with 1st pick, I cosign.
I got these off CrookedTongues for $120 shipped. Wouldn't pay more than that. Still trying to figure out how to wear them.
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