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That's a nice list. I highly recommend The Lives of Others.
I like the bottom half. Needs more volume up top I think. Are they the same one you're selling @melonadejello
Won't fit.
What size are you? I can let go of mine barely worn (less than 5 times) for cheap if you don't mind used kicks.
HL bomber Umit Benan hoodie Raf pants Willhelm kicks
if you click the sold out sizes, the sizes still show up.edit: nvm. you meant totally sold out.
awesome. my favorite threads on this forum.
figured you skipped over it since you copped that schneider cardigan a couple of days ago
http://suspensionpoint.ca/shirt-fence size 6 should cop this shirt. it's nice. pattern is more subtle IRL. code BOXBOXBOX should bring it under $100.
fw13 is titled "Anatomicouture"
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