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Veronique Branquinho knit coat Mihara Yasuhiro damaged cardigan Schneider pants
zach lavine
the f? why would that even be a remote possibility or beneficial? Look how shit that guys' jackets are.
someone please put english subtitles to that Fashin doc.
dude also says shit like this:
It wouldn't go over well if most of the outfits are bad. See the last few menswear outfits posted by PinkPantser and tirailleur here, they're very well received.
haha that shirt by far gets the most compliments when I wear it out.Um that's this thread.
damn. hope this is the last delay! thanks for the transparency though @Thurston Bros
was he ever paid? maybe he just answered emails for free jackets.
thats a good subreddit. 100 times better than their regular fashion sub.
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