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edit: wrong thread woops
soloist jacket phingerin shirt dulcamara pants trickers x tres bien shop creepers
Would appreciate a proxy if anyone can find the solid grey +j pants in 30 in a physical store. Anyway just received order confirmation email.
same. I opted for the stripe suit, but also grabbed the plain grey blazer. also grabbed a white button up. gonna return something. lemme know if you got the grey pants in size 30 and wanna let it go.
fucking pants already gone in my size
So +J drops tonight midnight? or how does uniqlo's drops work?
Post removed at request of target
Soloist jacket came though and the fit is perfect. Different color from the listing, but I couldn't be happier. Incredibly soft, thin deerskin suede as pickpackpockpuck described. There's another one same size on y! but it's more than twice what I paid.
Timeless Classy Women You're Not Embarrassed To Be Seen With In Public, Preferably Not Asian.
Watched Hiroshima mon amour, great. Then Night and Fog, really great. Told the story better than most hours long documentaries. Anything holocaust related is incomprehensible. Fell asleep watching Last year at Marienbad cause I was tired.
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