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Soloist jacket came though and the fit is perfect. Different color from the listing, but I couldn't be happier. Incredibly soft, thin deerskin suede as pickpackpockpuck described. There's another one same size on y! but it's more than twice what I paid.
Timeless Classy Women You're Not Embarrassed To Be Seen With In Public, Preferably Not Asian.
Watched Hiroshima mon amour, great. Then Night and Fog, really great. Told the story better than most hours long documentaries. Anything holocaust related is incomprehensible. Fell asleep watching Last year at Marienbad cause I was tired.
thought it was just me. except I didn't update anything. same issue both phone and desktop.
Awesome. Some boots or derbies would have been even better.
your pants also looks a lot better here than that cuffing/pinrolls you've been doing.
Bose's headphones are the uniqlo cashmere of the burrito world.
You look alot better with your tees sized up @nicelynice
Yeah I just need a cheap suit for rare formal occasions.
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