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I'm not blaming you cause you had to do what you had to do, but i wonder how much of this threw an even bigger wrench into the process (who's fault is entirely TOJ's)
El Bert also linked me to the Veronique Branquinho and Mihara cardigans for cheap. @el Bert appreciation post.
speaking of rap shit, Big Sean wearing Raf Parachute Bomber in Blessings video? [[SPOILER]]
Action Bronson's debut album is my most anticipated this year.
I wish people stop talking about/for styleforum like it's a monolithic entity. All styles are appreciated here if done well. That fit just sucks.
Lemme get the tutorial
most Asians are gay until proven otherwise
nearing 5 months since last cut for me. Wearing a hat/beanie everyday/everywhere. There are definitely days where I want to shave it all off.
Ebay. $700 shipped. And this:I messaged the seller and said as much.
I got some time.Color most accurate in 2nd and 3rd pic.I was truly blown away when I opened the package. The ykk zipper/hardware are super heavy duty. It weighs 4.8lbs to be exact. It's a size small and this fits me well. I'm normally 46/S in everything. Measurements doesn't mean much because the Soloist leather I have and this are inches different, and they both fit.
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