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whoa. RIP. damn.
isn't your current boyfriend a doctor? Ask him to help you pay them off.
ghostface ended the last contest on Sunday night so I'm just following suit. I figured it'll be better to make it a week and a half thing to get more participation, then 2 days of voting, then 1 day to pick new challenge. Maybe next contest we get can it back on track to what it's suppose to be 'cause I just made that up.
Guess this challenge was harder than I thought. Was hoping for more participation. Although what we have so far is strong. @Parker you're just entering the top fit right and not the suit right? some question to @penanceroyaltea, just the floral shirt fit?
I want a hat like that for summer. where to cop?
been looking for looser winter weight pants. my pants game is kinda weak right now.yup
Soloist hat Soloist jacket Veilance gloves Junya pants Ann shoes
what shoes @kindofyoung
TY. I was thinking of dyeing them a darker shade/burgundy/oxblood when I purchased, but changed my mind once I got them.
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