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Y'all need to get lasik
What happened to the weekly challenges anyway?
I feel bad for him too. I'd imagine with the volume and type of emails he has to deal with, I'd lose my shit a long time ago. Maybe he uses them to break PRs on his 3 big lifts."Another email about status update? AARRRGGGGHHHHHHH"
I just shipped off my lamb A2 that I've had for 2 years. Measurements taken before selling:shoulders:16"p-2-p: 19"Went back and check original email with Charly. Measurements suggested and agreed on:shoulders 16.5"chest (pit-to-pit) 20.0"Reason for selling: too tight! It didn't stretch much after all this time.Just my anecdote.
You mentioned the default hardware and color ect., but will these fit jackets come with the requested lining? Great news on the turnaround time.
Slsk damn I still have that client but haven't used it in a long time. It's pretty great for more obscure stuff and single songs.
I paid last Tuesday. When can we expect these fit jackets to go out? Around year end/early next year?
More like hodors
Just sold my TOJ A2. My body is ready Thurston Bros.
Shipped in US. Add $30 elsewhere. Retailed $865 on Ssense. Bolero 9/10 Body/Vest 10/10 - still has tag. back length from bottom of collar. 25 & 5/8" including hem ribbing pit to pit: 21.5" (fits slimmer than measured, material is somewhat thick) Fits a true small or slim 48. "Long sleeve padded bolero jacket in olive. Crewneck. Snap button closure at front. Wool trim at armholes in navy and charcoal. Quilted interior with lining in green. Ribbed sleeve cuffs. Tonal...
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