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I have a layered shirt, oversized camel coat, grey midlength buttonless cardigan, and a tote scarf. I like how a lot of their stuff are unisex. Suspensionpoint is about to carry them it looks like.
Reddit is cool if you unsubscribe from shitty default subreddits like r/funny (not funny) and subs that dont interest you, like r/gamer for me. Subscribe to subs that interest you, there's one for everything.
good news. I have a Vanson x Junya blue rider coming through. Good opportunity to compare/contrast.
I like the whites but can we get some super thick soles like the Bobcat from a couple of years ago? Sorry if they've been mentioned, havent read through the thread. I'll read it in a little bit
I put in a bid not expecting to win but i won. Measurements seems wonky but we'll see. I'll sell it for the same price if it doesn't work out so holler. Thanks, Parker.
His woman dresses better though.
another hat
I actually been thinking about "Your Favorite Piece of Clothing", for whatever reason, type of challenge. You can provide a little anecdote, or not.
Tough one. First time voted for more than one i think.
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