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You can click the message arrow icon next to the quoted screenname and itll take you to the original post
Just as an example, I checked out a couple of places I've never been/seen when I had controlled of superfuture's account for a week. Like the bone museum and Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips' house.https://instagram.com/p/sAeY3CFZhC/https://instagram.com/p/sBDVqSlZh4/https://instagram.com/p/sBEhxblZjn/
We can have weekly styleforum member "curators" showing a slice of their life, kinda like superfuture's instagram, which stopped updating for awhile.
Not really
you just like it cause it's 1/3 blazer.
Nah that jacket is just bad. Kgfan's good styling can't save it. Might be alright without the camo pockets.
lets hear some music, Prudy.
Voted for ivwri also but wouldnt be mad if kong won
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