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Longer rise, roomier thigh, same taper. See this post by the muscleman himself:http://www.styleforum.net/t/131495/random-fashion-thoughts/58440_30#post_5435595
I dont think these low rise tight thigh pants you usually wear do you any favor. Something more roomy might work better for you.
I think this is the first Regis fit i thumbed. Full shot has a lot to do with it i think. Looks good man, including pants break.Edit: also should go in suit challenge thread
@Distorbiant is this you? I don't think it's been confirmed or denied.
I suggest starting out with some peashooter with some cabbage-pult as backup.
some people just aren't the type to willingly bend over.
That jacket has zero zips
wasn't that bad. was funny. a lot of cornballs, but not much different from other fanatics.
quoting all the fits missed through the shit-storm.
New Posts  All Forums: