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Sounds like some projections here. Do you not sometimes copy-paste jokes from reddit and act like they're yours?
Officially in for one. Looks great. Boiled wool also sounds interesting.
I remember when dude said he was tired of his shit backpack ruining his "sick fits." We make fun of threads like Alden and SLP for being weird and saying clown shit but this thread is up there with them.
How much will they be if/when they're made? Link for $20 deposit is here btw: http://www.styleforummarket.com/viberg-1/I just wanna beat out the guys who think "David Beckham is the best dressed male on the planet"
Junya x Vanson Stephan Schneider Mugler
fantastic. jesus.
Rare fits from platypus and ivwri on the same page. sweet.
why are you telling us to google David Beckham to emulate how he dresses, that sounds like some beta male shit, fam.
lol jesus christ.Can we have a separate group buy thread for these timeless classic guys?
I'm not blaming you cause you had to do what you had to do, but i wonder how much of this threw an even bigger wrench into the process (who's fault is entirely TOJ's)
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