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voted ghost. @in stitches you need a yohji suit
Thesoloist hat Apolis bandana phingerin shirt A Kind of Guise linen pants Kswiss x Hederus shoes.
Fucking Oberyn Martell ended up in menswear hell.
don't have any experience with buyee but I've been really happy with fromjapan. Never had a problem, quick, and convenient.
I was gonna say these dudes are already parodying themselves.
happy anniversary
got my laptop taken in a burglary maybe 2 years ago. Lost about 10+ years worth of music collection. That's what I was most pissed about. A lot of obscure shit that I can't remember.
alright I just got slapped with an import duty invoice for $87.27. Just a warning if you're planning on getting something from @other-shop. Would have made an order less than 250gbp so it'll be covered if I knew this was gonna happen.
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