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what's wrong with your Coppens?is this legit, anyone?http://page6.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f137435295
wow bro I'm flattered. lol. funny challenge. good entries so far.
he's talking about label collection lookbooks, not lookbook.nu
I think you'll benefit from sizing up on your pants or experiment with fuller cuts, like prurient or that dude Yom from superfuture:
They're pretty engaging considering they're just about 2 people talking. Haven't seen Before Midnight yet though.Also saw Oldboy 2013 the other night and didn't like anything about it. That dude from District 9 was terrible.
This is your best but I don't like how you wear your beanie.
every time gwhitehead pulls ahead, el argentino comes roaring back. Something's fishy with how he garners votes.
top 5 most stiff looking.everyone should go vote for gwhitehead
Shieeeettt. game over. Why isn't it in the thread yet though?
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