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I'm incustom kimono layer thing that I slimmed the sleeves downcustom patchwork levis by same girllinen shirt by @OTHERshoptrickers x tres bien shop creepersmy name stitched in Katakana characters: [[SPOILER]]
This gets thrown around a lot but it's probably the worst advice for someone trying to improve how they dress.
apologies. it was mean and unnecessary.
They're oversized with proportion and balance, reasonably enough anyway.This was posted right under one of your fits http://www.styleforum.net/t/394687/the-what-are-you-wearing-today-waywt-discussion-thread-part-ii/14970_30#post_7869260Looks like you're wrong about people here not being able to appreciate slim fits.
I think this project was a success. How about a fur collar A2 next @Thurston Bros, please? Wouldn't mind one in the same leather. Full placket.
^yup. Dude just need to change his outlook a little bit. Those short shorts and jegging pants are the opposite of flattering. These specific prescriptions like rolling up sleeves and getting bracelets suck and does nothing.
It's the ghostAlso this
Post a fit with the jacket @notwithit. It's probably not even that bad.
I wouldnt speak on his kids but if he really is the dude behind the Shitty Styleforum Fits tumblr, then he really is an unfunny, vindictive, petty jackass. I'm all for clowning ourselves but at least make that shit funny.
gift card coming out of your own pocket Parker? i might do this
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