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It's the ghostAlso this
Post a fit with the jacket @notwithit. It's probably not even that bad.
I wouldnt speak on his kids but if he really is the dude behind the Shitty Styleforum Fits tumblr, then he really is an unfunny, vindictive, petty jackass. I'm all for clowning ourselves but at least make that shit funny.
gift card coming out of your own pocket Parker? i might do this
I like a few songs from their first 2 albums. Black Eyed Peas is way worse. They're single handedly ruining the NBA playoffs: [[SPOILER]]
Size chart is accurate. I'd recommend sizing up half a size from your usual. I went from Small to Smedium. Pants are Stephan Schnieder overalls.
That's $50 + the shipping cost back with insurance right? Or are you referring to the shipping cost? I don't mind either way. I will send it back this coming Monday.Here are some fit pics. Ideally i'd want it to be more cropped, maybe 1", but not sure if it's worth it to shorten it. What do you guys think?I'm 5'6 140lb, S/46 in everything.First impression of this is that it's very tough and substantial. Reminded me of trying on my first pair of heavy weight raw denim. I...
Mine came through. Size smedium fits perfect. The leather is great, very similar to my junya. I wish you guys sent me one with the floral lining i ordered so i wont have to send it back @Thurston Bros Do i have to send it back now?
Def size up. I went up to smedium from small. I'm picking mine up tonight so we'll see how it works out. But zip up your sleeves and button down the collar cause it looks bad.
we got a legend in our midst. holy shit haha
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