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Wow that Burberry is really sick. DO IT.
(actual lyrics make following the parody better)
congrats Tirailleur! twins thats crazy
looks good. hope the early/mid November date is still on because
Same. I mentioned it here.Seems to only happen on chrome on my windows XP desktop
had similar experience when I opened an account a couple of weeks ago. One guy said he saw the listing on ebay and went and found my grailed listing and bought it through there.
Enjoying the discussion fellas. It's funny. Didn't think the outfit would create this much controversy because I think it's one of my more normal ones . I won't try to defend it (thanks to the guys who did) as I think it's just alright, although it's not as expensive as some of you think. Everything was thrifted. I think a lot of the thumbs are just for the individual pieces. It's good to read commentaries outside the streetwear context. No hard feelings and no need to...
CDGH+ Junya Docs
I can't see "reputations" on Chrome on Windows xp, it redirects me to a page that says this: "INSUFFICIENT PERMISSIONS You do not have permissions to view user reputation" Also the Reply editor is just a box to enter text, no formatting options, linking, quotes, etc.. Like this: Everything works fine on Android on my Nexus 5.
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