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it wont shrink but it will lay down. Fok is right about it being very tough and stiff. i can't imagine getting a heavier leather unless you want actual road rash protection.
Saul is a good man.
Looks good penance. I think most others would benefit from sizing up but not this one (you already sized up from S)
not really. styling just not up to par.should just give it to the wife. this is excellent:
Pretty good reason for him to not answer emails then.
I think TOG and ghostface had better outfits, but Synth's pics put him over the top. Congrats to all winners. Parker also set a new bar for challenge starter. damn!
good shit
these shoes are awesome i want a pair.
thats great. thatoneguy has an unfair advantage with that fall/winter weather though. i suggest we dock him a couple of points.
thanks. the girl is Sasa of those vans eg the green ones?
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