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adidas sweats and prada creepers
did ur hl from sufu came through?
another great read. I remember kgfan's all dior fits and remember commenting that it looks good but uninteresting. Went back and found the post: http://www.styleforum.net/t/164384/the-waywt-discussion-thread/61530_30#post_5195133 lol
we got a winner
this too.
happy 10th anniversary to Madvillainy. I still remember picking it up at Hastings when it dropped. Bumped it all day wondering wtf I was listening to. Classic. ^^^^anyone remember seeing a fan-made video of the Nicholas Brothers dancing to this song on youtube? "lookie here/ it's just the way the cookie tear/ prepare to get hurt and mangled like kurt angle's rookie year"
it's nice but I have a feeling it's gonna be too small on you.
they saw me on instagram and featured me on their blog for some 'in action' series: http://www.isaora.com/blogs/isaora/12503353-isaora-in-actionhit me up dudes: @huydiniro
just discovered this dude. collaborating with MF Doom apparently: and he's only 17. rap has been good in the 2010s.
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