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got my laptop taken in a burglary maybe 2 years ago. Lost about 10+ years worth of music collection. That's what I was most pissed about. A lot of obscure shit that I can't remember.
alright I just got slapped with an import duty invoice for $87.27. Just a warning if you're planning on getting something from @other-shop. Would have made an order less than 250gbp so it'll be covered if I knew this was gonna happen.
how much was the eg x vans slip on at nepenthes @Ken P.
now I wish I'd have copped that face hat. automatic W.
great. needs more pics, though.
I bought some of those eytys the first season they came out. Quality was kinda crap (noticeable glue job, damanged rubber, etc.). How's the quality now?
look like we have a clear winner. @kgfan5 time for you to start the next challenge.
voting ends tomorrow noon. In other news, my package from @other-shop came through. 2 business days from DHL from the UK. Probably the fastest international package I've ever received. Many thanks to other-shop.
New Posts  All Forums: