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Vice's Munchies series just released guide to Tehran coincidentally. pt 1/3 pt 2/3
There's a video on youtube where dude rode a motorbike across Iran and says it's his favorite country, with some of the friendliest people on earth. Seems that way. Here it is:
well if you wanna gain mass you need to replace that stripper pole with a squat/power rack.
You only like it cause y'all have the same first name.
thanks @afixedpoint. im actually looking for some overalls type deal. looks a little too slim though. might still cop.
personally i like to tuck my staff and leave my balls hanging.
I cosign the above. You were on some Tears for Fears/Roland Orzabal shit.
Too big or just not flattering. The length kinda sucks. It'll be better if it was longer or more cropped.
OK thanks. No rush though. Was just wondering.
New Posts  All Forums: