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After the outfit was carefully picked, he stepped out the door and thought, "Should have woken up earlier today, and left when it was still rainy and cloudy. It's now too sunny for this styleforum apocalyptic cosplay challenge. " The anorak jacket was chosen because the gigantic pocket in the front should be able to hold a bunch of sandwiches. A baseball bat was the weapon of choice to fight off the zombies that have taken over, and the aggressive bums who frequent the...
those screenshots dude learns slang from youtube searches, and gets mad at shit he made up. I wonder if there's a slang for someone that lame.
you heard it here first. white people invented 'fuck boy' in 2015 cause they couldn't use 'fuck nigga.'
Pravda and ChronBong competing for worst styleforum poster.
Soloist hat Henrik Vibskov shirt Snowsmock by @snowmanxl ffixxed coat Dulcamara pants Trickers x Tres Bien Shop creepers
I don't think I'd put Hateful Eight in Tarantino's top 5 but I still went to watch it twice in 70mm, because I think that type of filmmaking deserves all the money. The second time I went an hour early to snag the best seat, 3 or 4 rows from the back right in the middle. Took a couple of phone pics of the projector and projectionist when the credit was rolling: you can see the film running along the top turned around and gave dude a thumbs up when the overture started
I can't think of anyone else who deserves appreciation posts in the music, movies, AND fashion threads. This is one of my favorite uses of a song in a movie:
RIP to the legendary David Bowie.
I was reading the imdb trivia page for the greatest movie of all time and discovered where Drew Keith got the idea for his ponzi scam from.gotdamn
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