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i have those saved on my watchlist. trying to decide between black and white. so yes.
Well not all of us.
good looking out. looks cool but i need to get rid of stuff, not cop more.
why are all of your posts sycophantic drivel?
ghastly writing but this right here is the worst:http://www.thecuff.co/style/dab-of-denimdude's wearing 4 different outfits, SLP bro, Denim Bro, #menswear bro, and minimalism bro.wonder what City of Gentlemen is up to.
That was amazing. I'd vote for this guy.
I was exaggerating. There are gonna be some loopy ones but the majority are super nice. My jokes sucks.
cross-posting from Rais' challenge. Craig Green workwear anorak ss2016 Nom de Guerre paratrooper pants aw2010 Mugler creeper boots aw2011
After the outfit was carefully picked, he stepped out the door and thought, "Should have woken up earlier today, and left when it was still rainy and cloudy. It's now too sunny for this styleforum apocalyptic cosplay challenge. " The anorak jacket was chosen because the gigantic pocket in the front should be able to hold a bunch of sandwiches. A baseball bat was the weapon of choice to fight off the zombies that have taken over, and the aggressive bums who frequent the...
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