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odb rolling in his grave
Cosmic Wonder Light Source pants/jacket Henrik Vibskov shirt Vans EG pants Monitaly hat
Last Sunday Monitaly hat Soloist shirt Junya pants Barny Nakhle shoes
this is more mainstream but Freddie Mercury would have turned 70 recently. one of the GOAT live performances:
Kendrick Lamar sampled Fela Kuti on TPAB. I don't have time to listen to anything else except rap as I get older (I barely have time for rap actually .)
dries paint splatter for $95 size 52
this is how cdg made gettoasty's jacket. pretty interesting:
i'm not one to talk about footwear/socks combo but i don't see a problem. best of waywt worthy.
^nope^ pretty sure there are more
levi's lined RED shirt poeme bohemien shorts barny nakhle shoes
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