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I think it's time for SVB to go full Labelking
Eg vans
ffixxed shirt robert geller tank craig green shorts
this is cool. But David Bowie's pants kick Glenn Gould's pants' ass.
125 @5'8? You need to eat more cookies, dude
Kanye smile all the time dude
I wasn't criticizing you for returning, but I think it supports the compulsive shopping accusation. I'd probably return the same percentage if I shop more at Yoox. I've ordered 4 things on yoox since 2012 and returned 1. In total I don't think I've returned more than 5 things in the last 5 years of online clothes shopping. That's why the numbers you posted were just staggering.
It's all the same measurements, unconventional ones. Maybe he wants a monthly rotation.
The jacket. I dunno what I'm doing but I'll figure it out later. Also my wool snowsmock came through this earlier week. One of the nicest materials I've handled. Thanks @snowmanxl
there are dudes ordering 8 jackets, 12 jackets on the spreadsheet. The latter ordered 9 rider jackets.
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