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Looks like only B and D widths are available in the MTO program as well as wide widths.
Unfortunately it didn't work. . Heal just slips right out while I'm walking. Looks like AE for now until I have a chance to investigate Bespoke options.
I think trying out the 11.5 D is a great idea. The toe boxes of the Ferragamos always seem to be on the long side and it seems that it's more the width that's a problem. Will give it a go this weekend! Thank you for the advice!
Hi, I have been wearing 11.5B Ferragamos for several years now. Recently my feet began to hurt and I came to the realization that the shoes seem to be too small. I went into the store and had my feet measured. I'm now just over 12 in the left foot and a solid C width and just under 12 and just between B/C in the right foot. I initially thought that perhaps I could try a 12B. The width is too tight. Tried a 12D. Width feels fine with my orthotics but now the heel slips....
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 I would probably try to exchange them.. Are these Ferragamo Studio line shoes? I am not familiar with that model name.. I returned them so no problem. I'm pretty sure they were not part of the Studio line.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff well first off, what you need the pair for, for work? black standard pair? you say you already have one pair of these. italian styling can be a little off/tacky sometimes and these can come close it if not already a bit tacky. i say byron or park avenue from allen edmonds? you might have to shell out a few more bucks but you will diversify your shoe wardrobe by having one italian pair and one american /english genre...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff however, besides that point, i say 225 you can do alot better for shoes. Which brand would you recommend then?
Quote: Originally Posted by Orsini Even without clicking on the thumbnails, my suggestion would be to return them and try to get another pair. Unfortunately, that was the only 11.5 B black Tangeri in the Ferragamo system. I guess I'll have to find a different black SF lace up. I have the Tangeri in brown and love it.
Thanks for the opinions. They definitely weren't sold as seconds so I'll return them.
Hi, I'd appreciate your opinions on whether or not I should return these shoes. I just bought Ferragamo Tangeri's in black via the outlet. They arrived today and the upper leathers are wrinkled as shown in the photos. My Tangeri's that are over 1 year old don't have wrinkles in the upper leather. I can't imagine how this was done other than someone stepping on the shoe itself. Do you think these will reduce over time when worn or with a shoe tree? I'm inclined just...
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