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Thanks SutoCorp x2
Just about every brand from Iron Heart to Stevenson Overall to Flathead is significantly less expensive via online shopping. Rakuten is now set up to ship to the US and companies like SutoCorp can proxy for you at only 8%. I was able to find a pair of a popular brand for less than 50% of what US vendors sell them for here. Just search the web and use google translate to find sales and get the best prices.Of course the valuable info you get on fit, brands and care from...
Hilfigger is having a 50% off sale items with an extra 20% off with code THDEDICATED20. Shipping is $7.95 or free on $150+.I just picked up a summer khaki suit for $130 shipped. A few more bux at a tailor and should be good to go for some summer weddings.
Need a rec for a pair of black non-wingtip oxfords that can work in a more casual 9-5 work environment (jeans and khakis) Thanks!
Too Early to think about some fall-ish type clothes? Had to jump on some hot deals.
Great shoes...details please?
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Will recommend putting the camera at a further distance and zooming. Then blur your head instead of cropping. As it stands now, the proportions are making you look like you're rather chubby. The jacket doesn't look good open like that and it's rather difficult to make a jacket that's lighter than the trousers look good. Dislike your shoe choice too, and it doesn't match the jacket. Trousers don't work rolled at the...
Quote: Originally Posted by aether liq2, don't listen to these idiots. the fit looks good and the proportions are as well. Thanks aether and to all who replied. I can see where the others are coming from, but the challenge for me is that I have athletic thighs so really those are about as slim as I can get with my chinos without looking like a sausage. I also wanted to dress down the look a little bit with the shoe choice. Gonna keep...
First time posting, comments welcome...Need to work on my shooting technique and location a bit.
matching 101, but for some reason a little stumped. Can i wear dark gray jeans with dark brown shoes and dark brown belt?
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