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dont bother waste your time with P.Johnson. Don't get me wrong he is a great tailor but his price is well over your budget (in fact...his MTM is probably more expensive than the top tier bespoke tailors in HK)
This T could be v.misleading...I feel sorry for those who are looking for good HK tailors...
Hi Jay, To be honest with you, if you are looking for bespoke/MTM service in Perth or Australia you need to increase your budget. For your budget, I recommend you to either go to Singapore or Hong Kong (when you travelling of course...) For that price you can get a good (above average) tailor with reasonable fabric.
Great, thanks v.much!
Hihi, Anyone had any experiences with Berg & Berg Ties? a quick review would be greatly appreciated!
do you mind telling me how much yao quoted you? (and fabric)Thanks!
Gordon's price is almost 50% higher than chan's....I reckon their price is a bit steep, but I never had experience with them personally...
anyone went to see Gordon Yao few weeks ago? any feedback?
Thanks so much guys for your input. hmm... I will probably get it from Hong Kong, it seems seiko is a lot cheaper from there
HiHi, I am looking for a budget(around 200 - 300 ) automatic, black leather strap watch (Preferably from Seiko)... been looking around for awhile and couldn't really find any, do you guys have any suggestion? Thanks very much in advance
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