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Are the pants flat-front?
Hi all, For sale is a brand new Canali (made in Italy) suit that I bought a few months back from Barney's. I never got around to wearing it and have lost some weight since then so it's too big for me now. I think it's a great suit that walks a fine line between being a true staple and and something with a little more flair. There's a very subtle herringbone pattern that I tried to capture in one of the pictures. Jacket is 2 button, dual rear vent with peak...
I think tj100 makes some good points. Also, the other thing that seems to come up a lot with these types of questions is can I wear xxx (cuff links, fancy watch, pocket square, etc). I think this should be looked at from risk/reward perspective. Usually if you have to ask "can i wear something" it means that there is some level of risk to wearing it. Maybe the risk is tiny, but the problem is that the reward is 0. Like someone mentioned above: interview conservative. ...
sorry if I missed this somewhere. what size are these? thx
Just a quick scan, but surprised that I'll be the first one to mention San Francisco. Lots going on, nice weather (at least in the greater bay area) and more manageable than nyc.
Thanks for all the great feedback. The seas must have been choppy that day in the apt.
I am not an expert. I've usually seen the 1220 being advertised as being modern/slim cut. Owning both 1220 and RLBL (44R for both). The RLBL is slightly slimmer fitting, but not by much. I didn't have any major alterations on either one (only sleeve length). I know my 1220 is 19.5" sh and 23" ch. Another great source for 1220's on ebay is topshelfapparel (also has a solid return policy).
would love to know about sizing as well
Are the pants flat front?
Was wondering the same thing. Based on the last response in this thread: Seems like the lux shirts are a little slimmer, but there does seem to be some debate.
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