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Are these going in B&S?
Ended a long drought today with a Zegna silk SC and a Gieves and Hawkes silk SC as well. Both were $4.
Right. It is definitely expensive for garbage suits. Prices keep going up around here, except ties. I have found that ties are always $1-$3 no matter what make or what condition. Its the shirts, suits, and shoes that are skyrocketing in price.
GW always stays pretty consistent here as well, there is just never anything there. Its the mom and pop thrift stops that are raising their prices substantially. I suppose its a sign of the times, but $90 for a Chaps suit still seems seems excessive to me.
I hit a few of my favorite places yesterday and came up empty handed except for a fantastic RLPL FC shirt. I found it at one of my go-to places that usually yields pretty decent stuff, but their prices have skyrocketed recently. Many shirts were priced at $20, and they had few suits for $90+, most of which were JAB or Chaps garbage. They also had 3 or 4 pairs of AE that were completely beat to hell priced at $80+. Anyone else noticing price increases like this?
Pretty decent night for ties. Found a handful of PRL ties, a couple Hermes ties and a Vineyard Vines tie that was pretty cool. I did some searching but couldnt find a thing. I came across about 15 or so "Brothers" ties. The tag simply said "Brothers Hand Made" and nothing else. Anyone heard of them??
Indeed it is a wasteland.What about Benton Knight in Hampton? I've only been there a few times though, and it seems pretty similar to R. Bryant.
That is R. Bryant Ltd. I dont think they do much, if any, custom work, at least it didnt seem like it when I was last there. Its probably best to make the hour drive to Richmond.
My university bookstore sells these with our university seal on them. I picked one up on clearance for about 10 bucks and like it pretty well regular retail was $55 or $65 if i remember correctly. I think its a fine tie if you find them cheap.
This is all very true. Only in my parts they don't even know BB. Most of the time the BB shirts are priced way lower than PRL. Of course they are harder to come by around here, so I'm sure they dont see a lot.
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