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It looks extremely similar to a WW1 Cabourn duffle coat I have. the only difference is mine has a black leather belt attached to the waist and no pockets at the back.
Some more pics of the Barbour To Ki To Sports Jacket
Very effective. US Pilots were buying these out of their own money as they were warmer than standard issue. The pilots wore these when flying across the Arctic. Overall a very warm coat.
There seem to be a few nice Inverallan pieces popping up on eBay at the moment. I've got my eye on a few of them!
So now that I'm decided on which pair I should keep, I have to return one pair to Red Wing in Amsterdam from London, Thing is, it's around £40 GBP just to ship it back to them! Do you think having both colours of the same boot is over kill?
Thanks! After some deliberation, I thought so too. The lighter colour reminds me of Type M-43 Service boots. Cabourn did an amazing job in choosing the best colours for the boots.
Can I get your opinion guys? Which colour do you prefer in the Red Wing x Cabourn Munson Boot?
The blue Geddes is my favourite. I can imagine the tan and olive are nearer to military colourways, but the blue is really nice!
Hello all,It does come up on the larger side. All my Cabourn items (jumpers, jackets) are in a 48 and the 48 seems a little oversized. I tried it with a shawl collar cardigan and/or a sweatshirt underneath and I could still have enough room to put another layer on (which I would not do). I have an Everest parka in a 48 from a few years back and that is comfortable but the Geddes in a 48 is much more roomy than that.This was a military flight parka that pilots wore in WW2...
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