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i bought one of their crewnecks - unsure of the season, but it was on sale on asos. i always read w+h fits real small but i can wear the M, even though in most labels i need a L or sometimes bigger (i'm 6'1/165lb with fairly broad shoulders) - do they stretch much? it is a little tight on the shoulders but nothing crazy, not sure if going up to an L would be too big.
i just got the apc '87 anniversary hood in from tresbien but its way too small on me, even by apc standards. size xl but i'd say fits more like a m or a small l - bnwt and i can provide measurements if you need. also has small apc embroidery on the bottom right of the body as well. paid $165 aus, will sell for $150ppd in australia. i'd prefer to sell domestic, but pm if you're international and really interested.
can anyone recommend some frames that come in size 55 or 56? i have a huge dome and a fairly wide nose - all i've come across online is a couple of dita frames and one model of ysl's. problem is i'd have to order them online and glasses are something you obviously should try on first. guess i might have to just get raybans and put prescription lenses in them. i potentially (i think) could get away with a 54 if it fit on the nose.
sorry, need some more advice... so the loake's i was going to order are out of stock at pediwear (wouldn't get anymore in my size till the end of august) and herring shoes never replied to my emails/enquiries regarding stock. i'm going to be in melbourne for a few days this week so i figure i would buy a cheaper dress shoe alternative in the meantime - something $300 or less. can anyone recommend some stores or brands that are available in the cbd for that price? i know...
does anyone know how long herring take to reply? emailed them 3 days ago and still nothing - i want to make sure they have them in stock before i order. pediwear replied straight away, but they are not getting elland's in my size until september which is too late for when i need them. also, thanks to whoever posted the shoe tree code.
not the shoes i'm after unfortunately.
nice, well i'll try herring and look for that code too - thanks again.
would herringshoes be a better alternative to pediwear? the shoes are slightly more expensive on there, but shipping is cheaper so they are about the same - i just want to get them as soon as possible.
i'm 6'1 - i used to be a 10.5 but my feet grew to a 12 over the last year and a half or so (weird, i know - went to doctors and stuff and they didn't know what the fuck happened, especially since i'm 25). i also have really wide feet, but they've been like that forever. i know a few dudes who are 6'0'-6'4 and are a 12/13. anyway, i'll order 12 and hope for the best. thanks!
yo, this is probably an incredibly obvious question but i wanted to double check. i tried on some loake elland's at dj's and want to get them on pediwear ($490 in dj, lolwut) - the shoe box in dj's had 12G written on them. now, i know they are made in the UK - so on pediwear should i pick a 12? or is it possible they were relabelled for our market (since we use US sizing) and they are actually an 11? hopefully this makes sense. also, are pediwear still reliable in terms...
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