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doesn't seem to be a 'general' clarks thread so hopefully this will work. do desert treks fit the same as wallabees? i'm a UK 11 in the latter, but unsure about what to order in the former - unfortunately no one in australia stocks them so i can't try beforehand.
haha, i have a huge head and big nose so find it very difficult to find frames that fit. unfortunately lots of popular designers (moscot and oliver peoples being the main two) i simply can't wear, especially since smaller round frames are now in fashion. the dita frame i tried on before in japan, and the tom ford i took a semi-educated gamble on - thankfully it paid off!based on the advice, perhaps i should try and go to an independent optometrist.canberra.
so i officially need glasses at the ripe age of 29. i've already ordered the frames i want online (dita and tom ford), and for prescription + lenses there is a specsavers and OPSM within 10min walk from my house. is there any noticeable difference between the two companies, or should i just go with the cheapest?
i'm 29 and always told myself i'd buy myself an explorer when i either hit 100k (aus) in salary or hit my 40th birthday - at this point i think it'll probably end up being the latter. have worn a 007 for just over 6 years now and still going strong, although the lume on mine has always been disappointingly weak.
i'm an inch taller and would go with a M, but would have bought a L if i was following the slightly-oversized-everything look that's popular at the moment.
the 873 has much wider straight legs and a marginally higher rise, whereas the 872 is narrower in the thigh and then tapers significantly from the knee down. i wouldn't say the 872 is low rise, but it's definitely shallow. interestingly my 872s have pilled slightly whereas the 873s have not at all. edit: it's crazy to see how the 873 has exploded in popularity over the last 1-2 years in skating/streetwear circles.
i previously owned a buzz rickson ma-1, but i prefer the standard OG alpha industries. the buzz was better made (and in japan, as opposed to china) although not worth the extra $400ish to me. my alpha is almost bombproof and the only signs of wear after 3yrs is some light pilling on the ribbing. even though pricing has increased about 25% in the last year since kanye etc has worn them in public i still think they are worth it. i wear a M - always unzipped - at 6'1/175lb...
although not leather, ma-1s always look better open. i never zip mine.
i had a similar issue several years ago with geobaskets and DBSS high tops, but i'm 6'1 and a US12. i ended up selling both because i thought they always looked huge (RO especially) with any cut of pant, although i was muuuuch skinnier then and usually lived in cheap mondays or april 77s. still won't wear anything - boots or sneakers - more than ankle height now, even though i wear wider hems.
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