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i wanna buy a new pair of achilles, but haven't owned a pair of cps since 2010. i know pricing has skyrocketed, but has the sizing changed at all since then?
big trouble might be worth checking, but its suuuuuper tiny even for a 'boutique'. engineered garments, orslow, rats etc.
do black business socks that don't pool around your ankles after a few steps exist for under $20? i'm a US12 if it makes a difference.
other than the SES, i'm pretty much the only male in my entire division of 200 or so that wears a tie (no suit, though). personally i don't think doc shoes look that awful for work, although i wouldn't necessarily wear them with a proper suit (bad fit, but gives an idea - http://www.styleclicker.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/080929-doc-martens-paris-rue-de-saint-honore-2.jpg). i've seen one FAS in a pair of church double monks, but as you pointed out, RMW seem to the...
i moved to canberra last year, but am not really a follower of 'menswear' in the context of suits etc (more into casual japanese streetwear). i'm sure it'll disgust everyone, but i currently wear dr marten 1461s to work - sometimes even with a drake's tie!
funny, but even if you are wearing a woman's cut there's actually nothing wrong with this: that's how high a traditional/repro ma-1 should be (even higher in some instances) and the shoulders look spot on. i am fairly tall and mine is more cropped than that on the back, especially since they have the habit of riding up when you walk. personally i've never liked modern interpretations (longer and slimmer bodies) of the ma-1, as they're meant to be a fairly voluminous (some...
good guess.
this is going to be a fairly ridiculous question, but i'm hoping for some rough sizing advice even though i don't know my exact brannock size. although i have several expensive pairs of sneakers (common projects, raf, etc), i've never needed a pair of dress shoes until now. the closet thing i own is a pair of dr. marten 1461s in a UK 10 which are maybe a tiiiiny bit too short on my right foot, but plenty wide due to their shape/last. i have previously owned red wing...
sorry, but AUSTRALIAN BUYERS ONLY for this item. these are brand new in the box, only selling because i sized incorrectly. price includes shipping to anywhere in australia. made in USA. pictures and below description are from the red wing website. "Known as the postman’s shoe, the 101 is crafted with Black Chaparral leather, a black cushion crepe and wedge sole for extreme sturdiness, underfoot comfort and a classic look. Designed to meet Postal Service requirements, the...
i wouldn't normally do this, but is anyone interested in some brand new red wings postman 101 oxfords, sz US 11.5? i sized incorrectly and unfortunately can't return them.
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