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what would be a better setup for a macbook: swan m50w or pioneer sp-bs22 with a topping or smsl t-amp or jbl lsr305 my biggest issue with the latter is actually the size and the fact that i'd need two power outlets.
i work in an APS department and am seemingly the only person in my division other than my FAS that wears a tie everyday (i don't wear a suit, though). wearing a tie at treasury, finance etc is definitely 'expected', but i don't think it's an explicit rule written in policy. saying that, immigration is v strict these days - even down to undershirts!
can anyone comment on sizing for these herring by cheaney brogues? i guess i am fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on who you ask) that i've never needed a proper pair of dress shoes prior to now. i'm a US 12 in almost all sneakers (vans, nike, cp etc) and a US 11 in dr. martens 1461's. http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/herring/canning-rubber_brogue/black-calf alternatively, i'm open to anything else with rubber soles for around that price.
i have an aeropress + porlex mini too, but i'm way too lazy/forgetful to regularly buy fresh beans. this, plus the fact that i don't like overly fruity notes (aka not a fan of many third wave roasters) and found it incredibly difficult to consistently make a good brew means it's probably not the product for me. super fast cleanup, though.
does anyone own both the postman oxford 101s and dr marten 1461s? i wear a US 12 in pretty much all sneakers, and a US 11 in the DMs. bought the postmans in a US 11, but they are much narrower than i expected. australian distributors don't seem to stock half-sizes, so it's either these or a US 12. the leather is so thick that i'm finding it difficult to tell if they're too short or not.
i missed out on new order tickets, but the recent (small) kevin cummins exhibition at the opera house was a nice surprise.
i'd try one.
i would kill for that problem, i have a bunch (inc the kazuna which i just bought) which are often slightly too short.
got back from sydney last night - thank you to whoever recommend pendolino, it was fantastic. lumi was great too and highly recommended. stayed at the QT and while very nice i don't think it was worth the cost - will probably try shangri-la on the next trip (whenever that is). i only had time to check out two sf-esque stores on my long list: kazuna and harrolds. bought a tie from kaz and he was v friendly, would love to go back for a suit if i was ever in sydney long...
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