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TOJ originated on sufu way before it ever appeared on SF (by more than a year). all threads on sufu have now been deleted, though.
yeah, i got a CDG SA7100 - the leather seems nicer although i actually prefer the zip on the TOJ so far.edit: the CDG also doesn't lie/open completely flat which is a little annoying, but i'm guessing it will soften over time.
i actually retired my TOJ wallet (OG design/size) today after almost 6 years of daily use and the riri is still going strong as ever, even though everything else is significantly worn. i'm a fan.
hmm, p2p seems a inch too small for a 'normal' M though no (sorry, not sure who dylan is)?wouldn't a 40 be huge on you considering your height?
how tall is the model in your stock photos? i'm 6'1/70kg - presumably 40 would be best in the doyle jacket?
have used my new 256 at work for a fortnight now. a few thoughts: 1. i'm 6'1 and still find the strap too long. saying that, i took it off on day 1 and have no intention of using it. 2. the 'compartments' inside are completely useless and just get in the way, it would be better if it was just one big cavity. 3. i didn't realise until today, but the stud/popper closure on mine is completely off centre and slightly crooked. 4. it gets heavy really quickly. 5. a small zipper...
already have a seiko diver and a leather nato, neither are dressy enough (imo) unfortunately.
had a look on creation, unfortunately nothing with a leather band (i know it's relatively easy to change, but i'm going to be literally living in the middle no nowhere for the next 6+ months). would consider used/vintage but found (so far) nothing i like. ah well.
thanks for your reply - that tissot is nice, but i prefer the dial of the citizen i posted. what do you think? one thing i forgot to mention is that i live in australia, so will probably have to end up buying from a HK/singapore seller.unfortunately, 1k is way over my budget at the moment.
New Posts  All Forums: