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i have the dsptch daypack which is great for the price, but might be too big for what you want.
i had a thick moustache for almost 2yrs but got lazy and shaved it just after new year. definitely enjoying eating and drinking without wiping my mouth every 5 seconds.
i personally would have went with a M considering how long the sleeves are. i'm pretty much the same weight/chest but 6'1.
this is what i was referring to: and both have the exact same measurements and material composition, however they have different sku codes and are different material in person (as mentioned).
the australian webstore apparently has two different models/codes of the slim 'flat front' chinos (i wear them to work), even though the pictures/measurements are exactly the same online. one seems to be slightly thicker in material and also has a way longer inseam, even though it's supposedly only 34". i echo the flannel comments - a M fits me perfectly, but the patterns for the last 2 years or so have been mostly disappointing.
my girlfriend wanted a topy applied to some weird feminine brogue things she has and the mister minit near us (suburban canberra) said it'd be $70. what a joke.
i was told by a few retailers that the trek fits the same as the wallabee, so i ordered the same size but but imo they fits at least half to almost a full size bigger than the wally. not sure if the material makes a difference, but i now have a UK 10 trek in beeswax leather and completely thrashed UK 11 wallys in cola suede. it's rare for me to have shoes that fit too big (almost always too small), so paying almost half of the shoe cost to send them back to england was...
as i mentioned a few pages ago, i bought my first pair of achilles in forever back in september. i've been wearing them 3-4 times a week since then, and today noticed this on the tongue underneath the laces: the left shoe (not pictured) is significantly worse than the right, and it seems that the leather has basically worn away in spots and exposed the light grey hide underneath. interestingly, it doesn't just occur where the laces are, but also at the very top very...
i still can't seem to nail the aeropress, despite trying so many ratios/temperatures/grinds (porlex). always use inverted and it often seems slightly too weak + often acidic.
i almost pulled the trigger on this as well, but i figured i wouldn't be able to wear it for 6 months now and i'm strapped for space.took a huge gamble re: sizing on some denim as i need to retire my eternal 883s after 3yrs. also copped some clarks desert treks.
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