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unsure about suit size, but i'd like to wear it over a crewneck sweater occasionally.
price is in AUD. postage within australia will be $15. i am happy to sell to overseas, but please message me prior to purchasing. wtaps shop coat from the AW14 collection, this was bought by me from the GIP store in october 2014 and has been worn twice. made in japan, nice heavy grey cotton-canvas, tagged size 2 (sz M). 10/10 condition.
price is in AUD. postage within australia will be $15. i am happy to sell to overseas, but please message me prior to purchasing. probably the best crewneck on the planet. sz M, made in japan. nice forest green. has been worn a handful of times so there is some light pilling, but this thing is bombproof. lots of feedback from sufu, grailed and ebay if needed.
i'm in australia and consequently don't have much experience with down outwearwear - would an M in the italian down vest fit me at 6'1/170lb, or do i need a L? measurements aren't helping a whole lot.
i'm in australia and am looking for a down vest as it'll start to get cold (by our standards) in a month or so. i was looking at crescent down works, however they seem to be sold out literally everywhere - same applies to penfield etc and everything else in a similar design. any suggestions for something that's in stock and ideally in navy under US $300?
i own the regular tiger fleece sweatpants (without the shitty drawstring hems/cuffs) in S and the fit is pretty much spot-on. could i go the same size in the new 'slim' fit?
yeah, but i live/work in phillip and pretty much get the bus everywhere. depot is only open m-f, 9-5 so always requires taking time off work.
re: umbrella discussion, my full-sized london undercover (navy w/ blackwatch lining) arrived about a week ago from end and it's amazing. the smaller, telescopic ones seem to have a larger variety in handles and colours if you want something more portable. edit: i was worried about damage from the UK as well, but it turned up fine. only downside is end use fed-ex - i'm always at work and fed-ex only have one depot in the ACT which is not only not open on weekends, but also...
thanks journeyman. i have ties ranging from 7cm - 9cm (8.5 is my preferred) and these MJ ones are 8cm according to the website. you're right though as most seem to be listed as 7 or 7.5.
i feel like i'm always just 'taking' from this thread as opposed to 'giving', but i'm very new to the smarter side of menswear. however, if anyone needs advice on wtaps sizing or different models of common projects - hit me up (+ i have a buzz rickson sweat in M for sale)! what are people thoughts on mj bale's tie, are they actually 'made in italy' as they claim? there are two i like at $170 shipped (canberra store doesn't have either one in stock), but i've only owned a...
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