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i'm 6'1 - i used to be a 10.5 but my feet grew to a 12 over the last year and a half or so (weird, i know - went to doctors and stuff and they didn't know what the fuck happened, especially since i'm 25). i also have really wide feet, but they've been like that forever. i know a few dudes who are 6'0'-6'4 and are a 12/13. anyway, i'll order 12 and hope for the best. thanks!
yo, this is probably an incredibly obvious question but i wanted to double check. i tried on some loake elland's at dj's and want to get them on pediwear ($490 in dj, lolwut) - the shoe box in dj's had 12G written on them. now, i know they are made in the UK - so on pediwear should i pick a 12? or is it possible they were relabelled for our market (since we use US sizing) and they are actually an 11? hopefully this makes sense. also, are pediwear still reliable in terms...
i'm a 44 in cp achilles - would a 45 in raf velcro lo's be too big? obv checked the size chart, but they aren't on there.
thanks. i'm guessing these kinda things are fake - where can you get them online that are cheaper/legit (no outlets in adelaide)? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/5-Mens-Ralph-Lauren-Classic-Polo-shirts-S-M-L-XL-XXL-/220833770278?pt=Men_s_Clothing&hash=item336ab7eb26
is there somewhere to get ralph lauren polos cheaper than $120 a pop at DJ's?
hey guys, could anyone recommend an all-black dress shoe for me, that i could possibly try on (i live in adelaide, so i'm guessing my options are limited)? i really don't know anything about this type of footwear, but i am after something similar to this in appearance: http://www.tresbienshop.net/brand/ap...-black-leather i'm a US 11.5/EU 44 with pretty wide feet. my max budget is $450, but ideally it'd be $400 or less. before you say 'well, just order the APC's' - i...
i bought used '08 DBSS sneakers off someone (the black goat suede ones) in size 3 a few weeks ago. for people wondering, i am an US 11.5 and they fit well - if you are an 11-13, you'd be covered.
sorry, wrong sneaker thread.
fuck. thanks for the heads up.
if i'm a 44 in CP achiiles, would a 44 in MMM GAT fit or would i need a 45? some people seem to think i'd be fine whilst others say i'd need a 45. are they as narrow as CP? thanks in advance.
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