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yeah supposedly, but as i said the arms on mine are insanely long which is something i've never had a problem with in the past.
that's what i figured. man, i love it but the arms are so absurdly long (even with a cuff) that i'm not sure if i should keep it.
well, my stark arrived today but i don't have a smartphone at the moment so pictures will be a little while off. i'm 6'1/165lb, ordered a M and am very glad that i didn't get a L or XL as has been suggested. i love the colour and was pleasantly surprised to find it as thick and substantial as i expected. however, the arms are ridiculously long (first time i've ever had this problem) and i was slightly disappointed by the visible seams (i'm forgetting the proper name)...
fingers crossed, thanks guys. will post a pic when it arrives.
thanks cacatfish, sleeve length was my main concern as well. worst case scenario is i have to return it and eat the shipping costs back to england. chetb: personally i think you wear yours a size too big, but different strokes.
ordered a new stark in M and i'm 6'1/165lb/39" chest...am i crazy? both the end and mr porter model seem to have similar measurements to me and are wearing an M, i'm guessing they stretch a little as well. edit: the dude on carson street clothiers is wearing a M and is supposedly 6'5!
it really helps if people post height/weight details as well, otherwise 'i'm wearing a size s' is kinda pointless.
i'm slightly lighter than you but also 6'1...i can get away with a S as well, right?
what's your height/weight?
i'm just gonna order a S and hope it isn't too small...
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