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i've used my black 256 everyday at work for the last year now - can anyone recommend a leather conditioner or something similar for the (black) handles that i can buy in australia? they've started to crack slightly.
hey, i'm heading to sydney soon and have a few quick questions. 1. is there anywhere in the CBD where i can try on trickers and churchs other than double monk + henry buck? what are their selections (and pricing) usually like? 2. any CBD stores to pick up a nice tie or two? i'm not sure if kazuna, oscar hunt etc have ready-made ones to purchase? 'nice' to me for a tie is less than $120ish, so drakes etc is probably too much for my blood. 3. if anyone can suggest a decent...
some of this is terrible advice - a size L for someone at 5'8? i can't fathom any dude at 5'8 needing a L in anything unless they are significantly overweight. at 6'1 i wear a M in all RC tops and find the hoodies (zip up especially) too long if anything.
just received the slim sweatpants in a S. i'm 6'1/165lb, surprisingly the waist and inseam is fine (finishes at my ankle which like) but they are super tight on my calves - hoping they will stretch. in comparison, my pairs in regular fit in S are maybe an inch too long and are generous throughout the entire leg.
sam's 'default' width is around 9.5cm right? seems a bit wide, i might request 8 or 8.5.
weird, i'm 6'1 and have the opposite problem (ties are often too short) - especially if they're wool/bourette etc.
what are their ties like? live in australia so can't see in person.
it sucks finding a new barber, i went to the same dude in adelaide for 5+ years and nothing compares since moving to canberra.
edit: nevermind, solved.
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