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this is going to be a fairly ridiculous question, but i'm hoping for some rough sizing advice even though i don't know my exact brannock size. although i have several expensive pairs of sneakers (common projects, raf, etc), i've never needed a pair of dress shoes until now. the closet thing i own is a pair of dr. marten 1461s in a UK 10 which are maybe a tiiiiny bit too short on my right foot, but plenty wide due to their shape/last. i have previously owned red wing...
sorry, but AUSTRALIAN BUYERS ONLY for this item. these are brand new in the box, only selling because i sized incorrectly. price includes shipping to anywhere in australia. made in USA. pictures and below description are from the red wing website. "Known as the postman’s shoe, the 101 is crafted with Black Chaparral leather, a black cushion crepe and wedge sole for extreme sturdiness, underfoot comfort and a classic look. Designed to meet Postal Service requirements, the...
i wouldn't normally do this, but is anyone interested in some brand new red wings postman 101 oxfords, sz US 11.5? i sized incorrectly and unfortunately can't return them.
does anyone have any experience with hermen (https://www.hermenmenswear.com)? looking at some trousers for work, although i live in canberra so will be taking a (big) gamble with measurements etc.
they were discussed in this thread a few pages ago. i've had good experience with london undercover (previously on sale via end in the UK).
i bought an edwin jagger DE 6-7 years ago for $100ish from westcoastshaving - i'm constantly impressed by how well made it is, and i'm sure it'll outlive me. i have quite coarse facial hair, so i always use feathers and replace the blade after every second shave. up until semi-recently i also used different brushes (boar/badger), soaps etc but the OG gillette shaving cream works well enough for me now. a good razor and associated equipment/products are a good investment.
what would be a better setup for a macbook: swan m50w or pioneer sp-bs22 with a topping or smsl t-amp or jbl lsr305 my biggest issue with the latter is actually the size and the fact that i'd need two power outlets.
i work in an APS department and am seemingly the only person in my division other than my FAS that wears a tie everyday (i don't wear a suit, though). wearing a tie at treasury, finance etc is definitely 'expected', but i don't think it's an explicit rule written in policy. saying that, immigration is v strict these days - even down to undershirts!
can anyone comment on sizing for these herring by cheaney brogues? i guess i am fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on who you ask) that i've never needed a proper pair of dress shoes prior to now. i'm a US 12 in almost all sneakers (vans, nike, cp etc) and a US 11 in dr. martens 1461's. http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/herring/canning-rubber_brogue/black-calf alternatively, i'm open to anything else with rubber soles for around that price.
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