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they did the lounge easy pant in chambray and gauze, not sure about linen. i have a pair in chambray and wish i bought another.
i live in australia and summer has just finished, so they have just started putting up some new coats, flannels etc.
unfortunately it looks like they have fucked with the flannel sizing. i own a handful which were bought over the last few seasons that all fit perfectly for OTR in M. just picked up 2 more and the sleeves are waaaaaay too long: i'm hardly a short dude either (6'1). such a bummer.
44 in achilles. have never tried the chelsea, but i imagine i'd be a 45.
i don't drink, but greatly appreciate the rest of your advice! will suss hakumai.
i own 2x S/S and 2x L/S linen shirts, all in M. i'm 6'1 and the S/S in particular fits slightly big. they're great for the price + useful in australian summer.
a 44 will be too large for a US 10.5. i'm a moderately wide US 12 in sneakers and wear a 44 with (thin) business socks to work.
girlfriend and i decided to be impulsive for once, so we're spending a week in singapore during the first week of may for my 30th birthday. looking forward to it, especially as i haven't been overseas since early 2014. has anyone dined at any japanese restaurants (including the handful which are michelin starred)? i know costs are eye watering, but getting a reservation is probably going to be more problematic. hopefully my birthday being on a tuesday will help. edit:...
how many stitches per sole?!??!?!??!!?/!?1/1/11/111
for the 3141 briar oil slick chukkas, would people recommend the rw boot oil, mink oil, or leather conditioner? @ManofKent
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