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i had a similar issue several years ago with geobaskets and DBSS high tops, but i'm 6'1 and a US12. i ended up selling both because i thought they always looked huge (RO especially) with any cut of pant, although i was muuuuch skinnier then and usually lived in cheap mondays or april 77s. still won't wear anything - boots or sneakers - more than ankle height now, even though i wear wider hems.
the donkey jacket looks amazing, but NC pricing has always been too high for me to justify.
yeah, there is seperate sizing for the 'asian' (japan/hong kong/taiwan etc) vs 'western' (us/uk/australia etc) markets. generally speaking, a M in the asian sizing is a S in the western sizing. for tops, the asian sizing is usually cut slightly shorter on the body and sleeves too. occasionally a western store will get some asian stock (e.g. heattech) but it's usually rare due to the logistics that you mentioned.i wish they stopped changing the cut of the ocbds every season.
don't have much experience with EG bottoms, would i need a S or M in the navy polka long beach shorts (presuming these are from SS15 but not entirely 100%)? typically a 31ish in most non-EG trousers and a 32 in jp denim.
yeah, i'm a US 12 and wear a 44. the toe box is too narrow, but the length is fine. a 45 is still too narrow, but too long as well.
i contacted them w a photo and they basically said i could return them for an "assessment" - if they thought it warranted a return, they would exchange the pair, otherwise they'd send it back. i decided just to keep them, so i guess i'll give the polish a try. cheers.edit: they just refunded 10% which was nice.
just received my first pair of mono black achilles in 5-6 years from end, thankfully the sizing seems the same as my old pairs. the leather does feel slightly thinner, but it's not as bad as i expected. if anything, it's the laces that feel coarser and 'worse' quality. the gold numbering also seems thicker and more prominent. unfortunately the pair i received has a small white discolouration on the toe, emailed them back to see what to do. shipping them back from...
does anyone own the orslow 107s? tossing up between them and JBJ high tapers.
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