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thanks for the heads up. i think i've quickly walked past blades but presumed (maybe wrongly) that it was something similar to peter shearer.
i moved to canberra 6 months ago from adelaide for work, are there any interesting "menswear" stores (or others) that i might not know about? i'm on a grad salary, but i'm a little surprised there aren't any obvious ones considering the huge APS workforce and higher than average income.
looking at a short (6 day) HK trip later in the year. am i right in presuming that this is not long enough for a suit, but is doable for shirts? how much time is needed for a suit?
a local store finally got the liddesdale in and i was able to try it on. S is a bit too tight when done up but has perfect arm length, whilst M is better on the body but the arms are a solid 2" too long. is rolling them up an option? i was kinda in a rush and barbour don't have stores here (australia) so sending it to the uk for alterations would pretty much cost as much as the jacket itself.
thanks for the tips. i already hang them all, but i didn't consider the shower option.
i ordered quite a few ties recently from both tm lewin and charles tywhirtt. whilst i like the designs and am mostly happy with the quality for the price i paid, i'm having a serious issue where they crease an insane amount after only being worn for one day. the creasing is so bad that they actually need to be ironed to look presentable, and although i know you're not 'supposed' to iron a tie i have no other choice (on low heat/pressure obviously). they are all labelled as...
black lows, i used to own a pair of mids and always found them mad awkward.
disagree, i'm 6'1 and hate 3 buttons. 2 or bust.
i just noticed my pair of cons (ctas pro) has 7 pairs of eyelets, do they add an extra when you go beyond US 11 or something? even the exact pair on converse's site has 6.
na, as i said, TOJ was up and running (i.e. taking orders/selling product) on sufu before the SF thread even existed - i remember mass (i think, or maybe winq) designing the logo and everything. daniel also posted at the time and most of the 'iconic' fit photos are from sufu within the first 6ish months when drew was a regular poster, but for whatever reason he gradually migrated to here. charly or someone else can confirm if you really wanna split hairs, but regardless,...
New Posts  All Forums: