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it really helps if people post height/weight details as well, otherwise 'i'm wearing a size s' is kinda pointless.
i'm slightly lighter than you but also 6'1...i can get away with a S as well, right?
what's your height/weight?
i'm just gonna order a S and hope it isn't too small...
thanks, i called them and they only have one item in stock.
is henry bucks the only australian stockist of barbour? their selection is terrible.
that's what i thought, but i'm worried the sleeves will be too long (for my tastes). ugh, such a gamble since posting from australia to the UK is insanely expensive if i need to exchange. i'd love a fit/sleeve length like this, but have no idea about the models' measurements.
i'm looking at getting an ashby but want a fairly slim fit - would an S be okay or am i crazy? i'm 6'1/165lb and am really OCD with sleeve length in particular, i guess i like them quite a bit shorter than most people. edit - would also consider a sl bedale; they look almost identical?
i'm selling my APC bomber jacket in size L. i believe this is from A/W 2010 and retailed for over $500 - literally worn for one day and has since lived in my closet. navy with a beautiful lining and zip pockets, no tags but 10/10 new condition. i live in australia so postage will probably be around $35ish to the US. please pm for more info or measurements, i have lots of feedback from sufu and ebay if needed.
i bought these literally 4 days ago but a huge dentist bill has just landed on my lap so i can't afford to have them around at the moment. size 33, soaked once, worn for an hour and chainstitched to 35". still have the flasher. best samurai model there is so i won't go into too much detail - mid-rise, slim tapered leg with 19oz denim. i live in australia so would prefer an australian buyer and can provide lots of feedback from sufu and ebay. please pm if you're interested.
New Posts  All Forums: