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My new CJ Connaught burnish chesnut  
hmm u say tight at the heel... means u might have gotten the wrong size. the shoe should fit snugly with a little room to move around. i also bought a pair of C&J's from Plal also in the last 348. love that last btw. i suggest u buy some thin socks, it worked for me mine was tight at the toe area.
My shoes fit perfectly now ... Just needed to break them in... Now it's sort of moulded to my feet .. Love them!
here are my CJ Westbournes, just got them like last week !
Quote: Originally Posted by gamblor Some people claim shoes that fit should be fully comfortable from the start. This has never happened to me. I am breaking in a pair of C&J right now and get hurt in the heel every time. Just moleskin hot spots as they emerge until you get no more. oh... are u having the same problem with the back heel? how well does your shoes fit you?
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexE Exchanging them does not seem like an option since you already used them and likely have scratches on the soles. So keep walking around and hopefully it gets better - you can also add some shoe stretch liquid to the heel, which may help making it adjust to your foot quicker. Yeah haha ... Man I would be so sad if it would still hurt my heel. Spend so much on this shoe. Thanks for the input man
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexE Generally, the sole of a new shoe is still stiff and will only soften as you keep flexing it while walking. This means that at the beginning you heel has to provide for force to bend the shoe and it might get irritated. This will disappear as the shoes are walked in. Of course the shoe might also simply be the wrong fit for your foot. Not sure which one is the issue in your case. this is something which won't get...
hey guys, I need some input to hy my shoes hurt my back heel. i am currently wearing an UK7.5 size. My previous shoe was a cheap leather shoe where the heel is quite soft and with padding. This was a size UK 8 with quite some room to spare. The shoes are new and this is the second day i am wearing my CJ's however everytime when i walk my heel is somewhat rubbing against the heel of my shoe. The heel seems very hard on my CJ's and now I have developed a sore. My...
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