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^ whatever you're smoking, pass that
Fresh of boat
Fob Asians are crazy! Especially the business people... They drink cognac like its water.
They got a website? Thought their online presence was strictly on Instagram...
Its been a week for me...Is the arm cut high like ss14?
which stuff? tee/tank? or sweatshirts/sweatpants?
feels about the same as AW13's zipup hoodie....
^americanized chinese food... Isn't that just Chinese fast food? Chicken wing pork fried rice and moo goo gai pan?
sdljsdlkagklsd!!!! Beats me! all i did today was walked around, and ate! First time wearing these tencel pants too! the stitching for the rear pockets came undone....i had no issues with the SS12 Tencel flight pants... im still wearing them with no problems...
New Posts  All Forums: