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The random dot short sleeve!! Picked up a size 52... It fits tighter than most L/50 in other brands... Especially the sleeves... I don't even lift!
I was going to pull the trigger on the 52 on nomad, but hesitated... 3xx is a chunk of $$ to be guessing if its the right size or not... In my experience, the button down shirts are cut really freaking slim...
Didn't they get a gun pointed at them?
Should i open it soon? Got a case of the 1998 vintage in storage...
^ whatever you're smoking, pass that
Fresh of boat
Fob Asians are crazy! Especially the business people... They drink cognac like its water.
They got a website? Thought their online presence was strictly on Instagram...
Its been a week for me...Is the arm cut high like ss14?
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