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Quick question: How long are the collar points on the Oxford shirts? ... and the Napoli as well while I am it. Thanks!
The Styleforum community: Founders, Affiliate Vendors and Members are all doing great work in giving back to good causes lately.We should recognize and celebrate that more.Great job Fok!
+1 @Simone1 As helpful and objective a representation of ones own brand as I have seen on this site. Kudos!
Gandalf the Grey, c'est arrivé !!  
Agree with @jriegen and @Wayward. we can use the old russian proverb "Doveryai no Proveryai" that Ronald Regan turned into a catch phrase - Trust but Verify
Bestia is outstanding, and requires quite a bit of advance planning to get a table. It will be even harder over the holidays and weekends. It is well worth it though as one of the most creative and consistently excellent menus in all of the LA/ SoCal area and measuring up to most that NYC has to offer. Depending on what one orders, and, if drinks & wine are included $150 for 2 adults and 2 kids will be pushing it...
Size / Measurements please!
Is this Lavender Flannel also known as the GRAPE Walt?
I suspect that the makeup I described is not "existing Bonafé style" and therefore may not qualify for the MTO fee waiver. Patrick would you please clarify? What Bonafé model would qualify as a classic, office wear approved, black oxford (with a tiny bit of flair)?
INTEREST CHECK: I am contemplating a Enzo Bonafé makeup: Oxford shoe emulating the EG Inverness Black Museum calf 74945 chiseled rounded last Would we have takers for a GMTO?
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