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jcusey: I am no expert but to my untrained eye the Aubercy shoes I looked at were as well constructed as the three pairs of Edward Green I own. The style and colours were in my view more interesting than EG though. Aubercy do some beautiful narrow shoes reminiscent of Berluti but not as fashion-forward. The Aubercy website is not bad -- it will give you a flavour of what you can buy in the shop. Sorry can't be more helpful -- to be honest I did not examine the shoes as...
My $0.02 regarding LV briefcases: LV is fine but please, please, please no monogram. Other suggestions: Piqadro of Italy (see here for some pictures) Ettinger of England (see here) Pickett of England (see here) Swaine Adeney Brigg of England (see here)
There is an Army & Navy department store on Victoria Street in London. I think this is the only one. I have never been inside the store so can't tell you more than this.
For what it's worth, I have used Jantzen off and on a number of times over the past 18 months.  I travel to Hong Kong for business from time to time and have always placed my orders in person at the tiny Jantzen shop.  I can confirm that the shop is always busy -- it can only fit about 3 customers at a time and sometimes you need to go away and have a coffee and come back when it's less busy.  Jantzen have a lot of customers who work in Central -- bankers, lawyers etc....
A brief report now that I am back from my trip to Paris. I did not have much time for visiting shoe shops -- there is so much else to do and see (and eat and drink) in Paris.  I did find time to visit the following: La Cordonnerie Anglaise (28 rue des Archives) Crockett & Jones (14 rue Chauveau-Lagarde) Aubercy (9 rue de Luynes Paris) Berluti (171 Boulevard Saint-Germain) La Cordonnerie Anglaise was interesting, although I was a little disappointed that not all of the...
An idea for you all: if you ever have a suit made in Hong Kong or Shanghai, ask your tailor to use some beautiful cheongsam / qipao printed silk for the lining. Absolutely stunning, but not for the faint-hearted. People too shy to wear pink shirts need not apply.
You are correct of course.  Berluti should be on the Paris list, although I deliberately omitted it because I can visit Berluti on Conduit Street here in London.  However I will probably visit them in Paris anyway -- their shop on rue Marbeuf is very close to the Crockett & Jones shop on rue François.  And after that I can have steak and frites at Relais de l'Entrecote on rue Marbeuf. Bengal-Stripe: much obliged for the link to La Cordonnerie Anglaise.  Their...
Shoefan: do you happen to know whether Edward Green in Paris stocks different models to those on sale in London?  In my limited experience this is the case with Crockett & Jones, but I'm not sure about Edward Green.
Yes, look here
I only wear one fragrance: L'Anarchiste by Caron. Not easy to find in shops and you will meet very few others wearing the same fragrance. Obscurity is good in this case.
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