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You might enjoy this article on the BBC website. Some interesting photos too: Pope's tailor
Guys I hate to be a naysayer, but I am on my second and final pair of Craftsmen.  On each pair that I have owned, the sole has split along the side.  The first time this happened (after about a year of moderate wear), RM Williams replaced the boots no questions asked.  But this time I'm not even going to bother asking because I don't want another pair.  I bought them in Australia (Brisneyland, to those in the know.) and returned them to the same shop.  For what it's...
Do any of the other London correspondents have a recommendation for somewhere I can go, preferably in central London, to have some simple clothing alterations done without paying the Savile Row surcharge?  I have a few shirts with sleeves that are slightly too long and I also have a coat with shoulders that are slightly too broad.  Someone trustworthy, competent and reasonably priced would be great.
No. Twice a year: in winter and summer.
I have two pairs of each. My C&J 337 shoes are size 8E. My EG 888 shoes are size 8.5E and 8E - the 8E fit better. The 8.5E are fine length-wise but a little wide for me.
Early next year I expect to have two excuses to celebrate to excess. One occasion will be a milestone birthday and then a couple of months later, fingers crossed, a significant promotion. I am already building a little stockpile of vintage champagne. What suggestions would you make for celebratory cigars? I am not much of a smoker myself, but some of my friends are. Is it possible to strike a balance between a newbie-friendly cigar and something the connoisseurs will enjoy...
The Picollo Press is an interesting alternative to Smythson of Bond Street, for those in the UK: Picollo Press
LabelKing: see if you can find Cutler & Gross (see C&G website) near where you live.  They specialise in the retro look.  In fact if you are in London anytime, they have a boutique that sells nothing but vintage frames.
The Edward Green summer sale started this morning.  I am now the proud owner of two more pairs of these fine shoes, bringing the tally to five pairs.
LV epi and taiga luggage is nice-looking but the monogram stuff is not to my liking.  Have you seen the luggage at Swaine Adeney Brigg on St James's Street?  Old school, but looks sensational and the quality of construction is superb.
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