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Quote: Originally Posted by thefastlife i have them already, they look awesome. i question how they would look with a black blazer is all Any minute now, someone will show up here and rant at great length about how if it's black it's not a blazer. If you're lucky, they'll even mention the Royal Navy ship of the same name. Don't let them put you off though... The more pressing point would be whether a black jacket over dark blue jeans is a...
I tried on a pair of these recently and really liked them. Very comfortable, and for my money they looked good too. Now all I have to do is find/justify the cash!
Quote: Originally Posted by club_collar thanks again, im taking everything into advisement, and for the record i'm wearing my tie in FIH knot today, i usually get away with the windsor (which my father told me was the only proper way to tie a tie) on skinny ties if i tie it tight, but this tie, which is just a cheap ben sherman tie is too thick and creates a really thick knot Sure, it's a tie-by-tie, collar-by-collar, day-by-day judgment. I'm...
It might be worth finding a local tailor to take a look at the suits; at best you might be able to salvage them for relatively littie, and even at worst you might find out what on earth is going on with those shoulders!
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