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But David McCallum has always been a stylish man, and the character is Scottish, so lots of checks, plaids and bowties.
Chocolate dessert boots? Mmm...
My dad met him at Downing Street once (the dubious prvileges of being a relatively junior civil servant...) and had nothing but kind things to say. Wouldn't have been caught dead voting for the man, which makes the sentiment all the more real, I expect.Not sure about the tie, mind.
The tension is killing me...
Time for a bump for this one, I think. John Major does pale blue tie on pale blue shirt... Miliband the Younger
Yay, casual homophobia!
Thanks for saying this. I do wonder where some of this stuff comes from...
24 hours later, at Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose...
Anyone care to tell us why this so appalling?
Gap chinos are perfectly serviceable and their "Straight Fit" is pretty much what it sounds like. http://www.gap.eu/browse/product.do?cid=65814&vid=1&pid=757378&scid=757378057
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