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so finally after some relatively light use my collection of around 7 pairs of winter weight (thicker) cotton socks has been reduced down to about 3 pairs. similar to reports above i have had the appearance of holes despite relatively light wear. these socks have only been worn on weekends and in decent quality footwear and are washed in accordance with the manufacturers guidance unfortunately my comments on a recent customer survey which i dutifully completed were never...
Ties received with thanks - superb! One tip though just check your measuring rule because they are 3.75" width!
certainly noticed more folk wearing trainers before arriving at work if i didnt commute to the city with a one mile walk in the morning i would not even think about alternative shoes. it just so happens that today i started my search in earnest for 'the walk to station' shoes which is proving a PITA because there is no way that im wearing some nice white asics or new balance with my office gear
the full length trench / mac is a staple made by both the brands you cite
i should add that you could do worse than to try uniqlo or suit supply for the blazer look out for oliver j benjamin too
take a stroll through jermyn st youll see plenty of shirtmakers there.. dont get too hung up on brand but get something that fits as pointed out above the city is not especially known for sporting button down collars but cut aways and spreads can be found aplenty
i cant believe that some folk are not washing after every time they wear a shirt and use visible grime marks as a measure for determining how dirty they are most of the shi$ that makes a shirt stink and dirty is not really visible are you really doing your shirt justice by ironing it when its not clean? dont you increase the chance of actually making permanent any stains that are there? what do you gain / save by not washing them sorry but i just cant see why anyone...
yep i cringed when i saw that too... he normally has good taste but this crossed the line
Top and side Charlie if poss! Many thanks!
Charlie the addition to the L&R range is looking really good... just wondering if you are able to take a picture from the 'top' so its easy to see how thick it is as its easier to see 6mm than imagine it! cheers...ravi
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