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Thanks guys and I'm trying to ramp up the activity at the moment, hopefully getting back on track during this fall.
More than a year since my last visit so here's some recent stuff.
Again, long time no post. Monkeyface has a fantastic suit but could use another tie and perhaps a pocket square.This one's from today's blog entry, a holiday outfit from earlier this week. [[SPOILER]]
^ Good stuff. Here's a few blog posts from the last few weeks.
Heh, thanks.
Yesterday's outfit and blog post. Finally got to wear loafers this year. [[SPOILER]]
Have to give Malford's wonderful RLPL tie a small bump here. Cheers mate.
Heh, hello hello. I was actually in SF just last spring (Just missed the StyleForum get together). A lovely city, I have to say, and one of the styliest too.And about the Paoloni. It's an Italian brand making Lubiam or Boglioli like stuff for a lower price. The quality is alright, sizing quite small. You can find it for good prices at Yoox and other Italian Internet outlets. I personally prefer a semi-bumfreezer, length that covers about 60-60% of my buttocks. In suits a...
I'm honored, thank you. The jacket in question is an unstructured Paoloni jacket made out of wool flannel.If the setting is casual and the person in question has wider or more athletic shoulders, I would always go for a very lightly padded or totally unstructured shoulder myself. The round shoulder line flatters this kind of physique more than anything else. Also pretty much what otheme above said.
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