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Thanks guys and I'm trying to ramp up the activity at the moment, hopefully getting back on track during this fall.
More than a year since my last visit so here's some recent stuff.
Again, long time no post. Monkeyface has a fantastic suit but could use another tie and perhaps a pocket square.This one's from today's blog entry, a holiday outfit from earlier this week. [[SPOILER]]
^ Good stuff. Here's a few blog posts from the last few weeks.
Heh, thanks.
Yesterday's outfit and blog post. Finally got to wear loafers this year. [[SPOILER]]
Have to give Malford's wonderful RLPL tie a small bump here. Cheers mate.
Heh, hello hello. I was actually in SF just last spring (Just missed the StyleForum get together). A lovely city, I have to say, and one of the styliest too.And about the Paoloni. It's an Italian brand making Lubiam or Boglioli like stuff for a lower price. The quality is alright, sizing quite small. You can find it for good prices at Yoox and other Italian Internet outlets. I personally prefer a semi-bumfreezer, length that covers about 60-60% of my buttocks. In suits a...
New Posts  All Forums: