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Ig recap from the past week.
I didn't know it's the same one actually, but that wasn't the point really. In my opinion it's worth investing a couple hundred more and getting a fully-canvassed mtm option instead of an rtw SuSu that most likely will not fit you optimally and does not allow you to select the fabric or other details.There's a million bad mtm services that won't achieve even what rtw SuSu does, this is true. If a talented tailor that knows his mtm product is available to you however, I'd...
Mostly made to measure or handmade made to measure from Helsinki's Vaatturiliike Sauma. The green sport coat is an older Boglioli K-Jacket.
Some pics from June. Started my first Neapolitan bespoke project with Pino Peluso of Sartoria Peluso.
Great look man, lovely proportions that work well for you.
Love it. Is that balloon? Can't quite tell from the pic.
You're already talking about completely different type of pieces of clothing. Washing, Lazio, Sienna are all quite different in style or lack of it. Without knowing too much about your situation, it does sound a little bit like you're simply looking for fits or pieces that might fit you without really considering the finer details of the garments. I've personally gone through a similar road back in the day, and unfortunately bought way too many crappy products. I'd highly...
I suggest going straight for mtm, for example Sauma has a campaign starting soon. You'll save up in the long run and feel a lot better about yourself, guaranteed.
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