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Thanks.Tall collars do not work without a tie by the way, apart from the rare long collar point button-down.
Yeah my collars are on average on the tall side. Most are around 4cm, but it varies a little bit. Anyway, I quite like how a slightly taller collar sort of creates it's own little space for the tie knot, especially with a more standard semi spread. A taller collar rarely looks very good with an aggressive collar spread in my opinion.This shirt is 4.3cm collar band seam to seam. In my opinion it doesn't look too tall, although I'm sure some would disagree.
I was asked to contribute, so here's a few recent blog and Instagram shots that were available. 9cm Sprezz Spain handrolled 3-fold tie (received as gift). Has a very pleasant weight to the materials are ties a pretty knot every time. I quite like a double or a triple (like in this pic) dimple with this tie. 8cm Exquisite Trimmings handrolled 3-fold tie. Very thick interlining, similar to some of my Shibumis, yet it ties a really nice classic single dimple. It also...
Well now I'm glad I decided to visit SF today while having a small break and a coffee. Great thread - I personally feel very passionate (obsessed) for nice knots. Regarding the double dimple, I think it works great in many type of settings and using many kinds of ties, but you need to tie it so that the middle part and the sides have a pleasing volume to them. Also, I must say triple (or more) dimple is also very beautiful when done on a quality tie.
Thanks guys! Really love all of them, although I have to admit I've found less use for the austerity brogues than I originally thought. Just a bit too light-colored for work use.
Some more crappy Ig feed shots.
My last three pairs, pics from May and November.
I've actually grown to like knots with multiple dimples, even three at times. It's mostly a thing intuition though when I tie my tie in the morning. And this isn't really about sprezz or crap like that, I simply find a more natural "it is as it is" knot more interesting. I can see why some people wouldn't like it though.
Recent daily IG pics and some blog pictures of late.
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