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Harris, Well said. Classic
While I enjoy the fact that young people are starting to "dress up", IMO, there is too much money to be made from hip-hop inspired clothing. While most of us may not like the styles, designers are simply trying to get a piece of the action and so are venturing in with hopes of large profits. The capitalist in me cannot blame them, regardless of what I may think of the clothing. Classic
Didn't Klinger on MASH, try to get out of the army by wearing a pair of shoes like those? Classic
Option #4. I like the tie, as well as the way it looks with the shirt and jacket colors. #1, the tie is too "silvery", while #2 and 3 just do not stand out IMO. Classic
I don't know anything about the company, but I do have 3 shirts from them that I purchased during a recent trip in the US for $15US each. So far, I have worn only one and it wears well. Interesting comment about Paul Stuart, because a saleperson in a store said the same thing. Hey, for what I paid, IMO they are a good value. Classic
I go through "phases", and so there are times when I wear braces. However, overall I prefer a belt. I find that belts are less of a hassle then braces. Classic
My wife referred me to this site (and Andy's). Classic
Best of luck, and our well wishes are with you. Classic
Excellent. Not many people earn a living at what they enjoy. Continued success. Classic
Then again, what about Don Cherry. Classic
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